Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 31 – Petra to Gaa’ Mriebed (13 miles)

erosion in sandstone

Erosion produces many different patterns in the sandstone walls of the wadi – all unique and beautiful.

I got to Petra at about the same time as the sun rose, just like hundreds of other tourists. I sat on a bench watching the light flood the wadi and the Nabataean city come alive. The Treasury and surrounding buildings were awash with vibrant colors while the shadows accentuated their magnificence.

After I spent a couple of hours exploring the places I missed yesterday, I set out on the trail towards Wadi Rum. After only a quarter of a mile, I was in the desert wilderness and had the desert to myself.

I was sleepy tired because I stayed up until midnight carousing Wadi Musa with Habu, the Bedouin who helped me with the food and water drops. It’s amazing how much fun we had without alcohol. We hit a restaurant and several she-sha/tea shops.

Today’s hike took me over and up countless wadis, some small and others huge. Other times I followed a siq, the bottom of a wadi. They were beautiful, what else can I say? I’m getting a little jaded seeing the very impressive sandstone formations all day long. Yet they are all unique with the vast array of shapes, patterns, colors, and sizes. I had a peaceful day and only saw a couple of shepherds with their herds  of sheep.

Wadi in Jordan

At times, the Jordan Trail follows the bottom of a small wadi, called a siq.

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  1. Hadija January 24, 2018 at 12:58 am #

    This was one of my favourite days with the amazing beginning in Petra followed by a succession of wonderful ridges and wadis. Only saw a few children far away or to be more precise we were spotted by the children first. They then sang and waved at us.

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