Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 32 – Wadi Maa’ Mriebed to Wadi al-Saif (9 miles)

Jordanian desert

This is what I call unimpressive desert. The mountains in the background, which look small, are not small. I will find that out tomorrow when I climb over them.

Not much to report today. I started out hiking in a spectacular wadi. The usual beautiful, multicolored sandstone with its almost infinite variations of size, shape, and patterns were the norm. I thoroughly enjoyed walking this wadi since it was relatively easy and had a trail.

After several hours the wadi opened up into unimpressive desert. It was easy hiking but the scenery was kind of blah. The sun beat down mercilessly,  washing out any color in the desert and dissolving any sense of depth. This was the first day the heat has affected me, it seemed blazing hot

I picked up the cache Habu and I hid. It was still intact. I was worried that an animal or human gorged themselves on it. The oranges and date bars were sure good. I stashed 9 liters of water but could only drink one, and carry away 6. I left two full bottles in the middle of a dirt track hoping a shepherd will find it and use it.

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  1. Hadija January 24, 2018 at 1:02 am #

    Happy your food and water was safe. I am sure someone will appreciate the water you had to leave, even if just for washing away the day’s dust.

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