Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 34 – 7 miles before Wadi Aheimar to 7 miles before Abbasiya (14 miles)

Sandstorm in Jordan desert

The desert I hiked through today. You can see all the sand in the air from last night’s sandstorm.

Tonight I found a lovely campsite in a small wadi off of Wadi Aheimar. That’s what I thought last night until a sandstorm picked up in the middle of the night and covered everything in a layer of fine dust.

Tonight I’ll put away as much stuff as possible so it will be much easier to clean everything off should the winds pick up again. I’ll also put the fly on the tent which may or may not help. I’m also sleeping on sandy dirt as opposed to just sand.

Today was another day of hiking through sandstone formations, not much to write about that hasn’t already been written. It was so hot today it felt like I was hiking in a furnace. I took a 90-minute break in the shade during the hottest part of the day which I think helped a lot. This place is very remote; I’ve only seen one person (the shepherd who lost his sheep) in the last two and a half days. I actually love being alone like this, but sure do miss sipping tea with the Bedouins.

I climbed my first sand dune today. It wasn’t steep or high but with a full pack it was difficult: one step forward, sink in the sand, then a half step backwards made it painstakingly slow. On top of that I had to empty my shoes and socks of sand.

Hats off to the person who suggested I regularly take my socks off and dry them. That’s what I do every break now and it seems to help. In this heat in low humidity it doesn’t take long for them to dry.

Jordanian desert

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  1. Hadija January 24, 2018 at 1:13 am #

    This was another favourite day for me – spectacular. I constantly marvel at the ancient trails across these seemingly impassable mountains.

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