Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 38 – Rest day in Mohammed Mutlak Camp

Wadi Rum

Sunrise at the camp in Wadi Rum. The early morning sun brought out the deep orange color of the sand.

Today was a much needed recovery day, the firstĀ in 8 days and the last one of the trip. Only 4 more hiking days! It was also a foot recovery day. Yesterday I was so tired of emptying sand from my shoes I said the heck with it and hiked with my shoes full of sand. That raised havoc with my feet. I don’t think I developed any blisters but I felt a bunch of hot spots.

I got up early and watched the sunrise in Wadi Rum with some other tourists. It was beautiful but I see them everyday. I did get some pictures with me in them, something I can rarely do since I’m usually alone.

Talking with other tourists was a pleasant change. We sat in a big open tent and shared our experiences. The conversation, as usual, drifted to politics with Trump as the main topic. Anyone that knows anything about him doesn’t like him.

I also got 100% caught up on my journaling with all of them in my smartphone ready to send to Nancy when I can find Wi-Fi. It looks like that will be in Aqaba at the very end of my hike.

You can all my journal entries from hiking the Jordan Trail here: Jordan Trail

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  1. Hadija January 23, 2018 at 7:01 pm #

    I was so fortunate to spend 3 months in a nearby camp and waking up to that same view every morning! Hadija

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