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Hiking pants

Finished hiking the Jordan Trail: I am a broken man

I feel like a broken man. The sun has bleached me both physically and emotionally. I woke up this morning and stared at the ceiling for a couple of hours in a vegetative state. I watched television for another 4 hours. My feet hurt, my toes don’t bend correctly, my knees ache, my back is sore, […]

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At the Red Sea

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 40 – Titen to Aqaba  (17 miles)

After a very comfortable and restful night I felt considerably better in the morning. With the prospects of finishing the Jordan Trail today I was motivated enough to be on the trail at dawn. Today’s hike was long, difficult, and broiling hot. It started out with a good morning climb over a trail-less mountain of […]

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Sandy desert

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 39 – Mohammed Mutlak Camp to Titen  (17 miles)

I had a pretty rough night. Stomach cramps woke me up sometime after midnight. Several trips to the bathroom assured that I didn’t get much sleep. I got up at my usual time of 5 a.m. and seriously considered staying at the camp another day in hopes of getting better. The thought of another day sitting around in […]

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jordanian desert

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 38 – Rest day in Mohammed Mutlak Camp

Today was a much needed recovery day, the first in 8 days and the last one of the trip. Only 4 more hiking days! It was also a foot recovery day. Yesterday I was so tired of emptying sand from my shoes I said the heck with it and hiked with my shoes full of sand. […]

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jordanian desert

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 37 – Shakriya to the Mohammed Mutlak Camp (14 miles)

My plan today was to hike a short 6 miles from Shakriya to Rum Village and get a room at the Rest House there. Since the entire way would be on a paved road, not only would it be short but it would be easy. I looked forward to sleeping on a real bed, something […]

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