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Jordanian desert

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 34 – 7 miles before Wadi Aheimar to 7 miles before Abbasiya (14 miles)

Tonight I found a lovely campsite in a small wadi off of Wadi Aheimar. That’s what I thought last night until a sandstorm picked up in the middle of the night and covered everything in a layer of fine dust. Tonight I’ll put away as much stuff as possible so it will be much easier to clean everything […]

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Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 33 – Wadi al-Saif to Wadi Aheimar (7 miles)

The short several miles to Wadi Gseib went by easily along a dirt track in the siq. As I headed toward Wadi Aheimar things slowed WAY down. As I walked along the wadi, I somehow picked up 6 stray sheep. They followed me and wouldn’t leave sight of me. This went on for a half […]

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Jordanian desert

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 32 – Wadi Maa’ Mriebed to Wadi al-Saif (9 miles)

Not much to report today. I started out hiking in a spectacular wadi. The usual beautiful, multicolored sandstone with its almost infinite variations of size, shape, and patterns were the norm. I thoroughly enjoyed walking this wadi since it was relatively easy and had a trail. After several hours the wadi opened up into unimpressive […]

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Wadi in Jordan

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 31 – Petra to Gaa’ Mriebed (13 miles)

I got to Petra at about the same time as the sun rose, just like hundreds of other tourists. I sat on a bench watching the light flood the wadi and the Nabataean city come alive. The Treasury and surrounding buildings were awash with vibrant colors while the shadows accentuated their magnificence. After I spent […]

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The Treasury, the most famous landmark in Petra.

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 30 – Little Petra to Petra (8 miles)

I had a lovely day today, a day I had been looking forward to for quite some time – hiking into Petra from the ‘back door.’ It started out with clouds and rain. I was really bummed because the beauty of today’s hike was seeing the marvelous monastery, temples, and other buildings the Nabataeans carved […]

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