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Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 29 – Rest day in Wadi Musa

I hope my blisters heal. Nothing else to write about.

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Jordan Trail big

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 28 – Chore day in Wadi Musa

There were two chores I had to get done today: renew my visa which expired 2 days ago, and do a food and water drop. I heard horror stories of others when they went to get their visas renewed. Stories of two and a half hours of process times seemed the norm. When I arrived […]

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Wadi Musa

Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 27 – Zero Day in Wadi Musa

Today was a much needed rest day, mostly for my poor feet. My only goals for the day were to get my clothes washed and to renew my visa which expired yesterday. I did real good on the clothes washing. They actually had a semi-functional washing machine and a nice place in the sun to […]

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Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 26 – Ras al-Feid to Little Petra (14 miles)

“Win Petra Nous (Where is Little Petra)?” I asked. I was lost and really had no idea how to get back on the track I was supposed to be on. The scenery was so magical I was mesmerized by its beauty. The track seemed rather obvious so I didn’t bother looking at my GPS. Time […]

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