Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 6: Ajloun to Khirbet al-Souq (10 miles)

olive grove Jordan

Sometimes, the Jordan Trail cuts right through the countryside. Other times, it follows rural roads – this part goes through extensive olive groves.

“Be ready in 15 minutes, we’re ready to go!”

I was in the middle of a peaceful breakfast seated at the hotel overlooking the valley in Ajloun when Amjad called me on the phone.

“Where are we going?” I answered.

“We’re going to hike together for the first half of this segment,” Amjad answered.

Yesterday in Orjan, Issa told me he was going to meet me at the hotel at 10 o’clock a.m. Great, I thought. Issa is a Jordan Trail Guide so I thought I could ask him some questions on the trail ahead. I had no idea that he, Amjad, and their friend Dina were coming to hike.

So much for visiting Saladin’s Castle. I quickly finished my breakfast, ran up to my room, and frantically packed my gear. Just as I got done packing they arrived and we were on the trail. The mapping of the trail is not quite complete and they had come to complete the mapping of the first part of today’s segment.

The first part of the segment was just about all uphill – steep uphill – and I could just barely keep up with them. Of course I had a fully loaded backpack and they had daypacks.

After five miles we were on top of a mountain with a gorgeous view. Their driver came with a delightful lunch of fruit, bread, and cheese. After a filling and relaxing lunch they headed back to Amman and I headed south on my own.

The last half of the segment was easy. Country lanes brought me down sparsely pine forested hills and through olive groves that seem so commonplace now. At the end of the day I set up my tent in a remote, secluded valley and, with the exception of some coyote-like howling, I had a peaceful, comfortable night.

camping in olive grove

Way back in 2006, when we first started cycling together as a family, we camped in a cherry orchard. Now, I’m camping in olive groves.

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  1. Hadija March 12, 2017 at 2:51 pm #

    If you were in Ajloun Hotel, I know you would have been having an excellent breakfast! Nice you had company for a little way and could release the GPS briefly. Am disappointed not to have your description of the castle though, as I also missed visiting it – too cold and had to trek down to town to get money. Hope I get to visit the castle during April’s thru hike.

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