Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 15 – Wadi Ma’in Zara to Wadi Hidan (10 miles)

Wadi Ma'in Zara

Looking back down on Wadi Ma’in Zara on the way to the canyon rim.

I finally did it, I slept with some Jordanian shepherds in their tent. They were young, in their twenties, and I got there about an hour before dark. They offered me a place to stay and showed me their tent. They had a pile of old dirty mattresses and several blankets. When I entered the tent there was an immediate, ferocious attack on my olfactory senses. There was an almost overwhelming smell of sheep, not a pleasant one by any means.

I reluctantly agreed, knowing that my clothes would probably never smell the same again. They built a fire and we sat around it for the next several hours sipping – you guessed it – tea. They also had the she-sha pipe going. They had some Arabic music playing from their smartphones. They would sing along and clap to the music. It was a pleasant and entertaining way to end the day.

As it turned out, it wasn’t a bad night. I slept well. In fact, overpowering the sheep smell was the smell of my stinky shoes and socks!

Picnic in Jordan

Picnickers from the big city of Irbid invited me to join them for a second lunch of freshly slaughtered lamb.

traditional Jordanian food

Abu Saif treated me to a wonderful lunch of traditional Jordanian food.

farming in Jordan

Sometimes the track leads me directly through a farmer’s field.

I will post all my journal entries from the Jordan Trail here: Jordan Trail

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  1. Hadija March 23, 2017 at 2:07 pm #

    Glad you had a good night with the shepherds. Plenty of protein by the sound of it! I spent two nights with Abu Saif’s family. The fields were a big problem for me, and I spent ages trying to walk round the edges and hopping from rock to rock but sometimes just had to go through the crop. Crops laboriously planted and somehow growing in the rocky ground as in your photo.

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