Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 16 – Wadi Hidan to Wadi Mujib (9 miles)

Wadi Hidan in Jordan

Wadi Hidan in Jordan

Today was a physically challenging day. After saying goodbye to shepherds Saif, Ahmed, and Abbod I started the long climb out of Wadi Hidan. It wasn’t bad, but the 2400 foot climb was agonizingly¬† slow. When I got to the top of the canyon rim it was easy going until I had an insane descent. It was a 2400 foot drop straight out of Hell. No trail, very rocky, remote, and of course steep.

The problem was that there were impassable cliffs everywhere. If I deviated even slightly from the GPS tracks I’d find myself at the edge of an impassible drop. Then I’d have to backtrack to where I know I was on the GPS track. This necessitated having to stare at the GPS while I was walking. I was afraid I’d walk right off a cliff or twist my ankle on a rock. Where I was was so remote in rugged, any kind of help would have been impossible. I wove my way down into Wadi Mujib slowly and carefully and everything worked out.

Tonight I’m camped in Wadi Mujib¬† staring at the 3300 foot climb I’ll be faced with tomorrow morning.

Climbing out of Wadi Hidan

Climbing out of Wadi Hidan

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One Response to Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 16 – Wadi Hidan to Wadi Mujib (9 miles)

  1. Hadija March 23, 2017 at 2:18 pm #

    I really enjoyed the climb out of Wadi Hidan but the descent into Wadi Mujib on the ancient trail was SCARY. Just so steep. I ended up on my bottom a few times. After the steepest bit a young Bedouin woman walked with me a short distance. She was slipping too, so then I didn’t feel quite so incompetent! Thinking of you climbing out of Wadi Mujib but shouldn’t be too hot for you. The lower reaches seemed endless but nearer the canyon rim was spectacular with another ancient trail.

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