Hiking the Jordan Trail: Ready to go

My phone doesn’t work on the Jordanian network, so I brought it to a shop to get unlocked and have a new Sim chip installed. After a day in the shop and a huge hassle reinstalling, configuring, and resyncing the apps, I think I got it back to the way it was.

I went to the Jordan Trail office and met Amjad, Bashir, and Olivia. They are very nice people and helped me the best they could. After I met with them I went over all my notes, maps, and tracks, then realized I still had more questions. Oh well, they will just have to go unanswered and I’ll figure them out on the trail. I did learn some interesting facts there. I’ll be the 11th person to do a through hike and the third one to do an unsupported through hike.

Tomorrow I’ll make my way up to the northern tip of Jordan near the borders of Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria where I’ll stay in a hotel and start the hike the following day.

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  1. Hadija March 5, 2017 at 12:20 pm #

    Aah, the joys of technology and communicating on the trail! Hope all working as planned. When I came out of the Orange office, I witnessed a tiny toddler effortlessly climbing out of an open car window and dropping into the road – obviously not the first time. There were other small children in the car too. I hovered ready to grab the child but dilemma solved by passing Bedouin lifting the toddler back into the car through the window! I ran back into Orange and explained situation to lady who spoke English. She abandoned her customers and took off at a run. She got to the car just as the father returned. He sounded as though he was then being thoroughly chastised by the lady. The Bedouin man and I thanked each other and went on our ways. Hope you had good views from Um Qais and had time to explore the ruins. Happy first day hiking!

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