Hiking the Jordan Trail: Day 3 – Byzantine church and Jesus Cave

Ruins of a Byzantine church

Ruins of a Byzantine church

Today was another beautiful day walking through small villages and wandering around the beautiful hillsides of Jordan. It’s green and full of colorful flowers – purple lupines, red poppies, black and white irises, yellow buttercups, and lots of small purple flowers. The sun was out with a cool, gentle breeze – who could ask for more?

For sure the highlight of the day was experiencing some truly amazing ancient history. In a remote, WAY off the beaten trail were the ruins of a Byzantine church and the Jesus cave. The owner of the Pella Countryside hotel where I stayed last night collaborated with some scholars in Spain on the history of this site. Through a combination of the Bible, historical documents, and satellite imagery, he swears this history is accurate.

Jesus, on several occasions, visited this area and the ruins in particular. It’s a region He preached in. Nazareth is just across the border in Israel clearly visible from the ruins just across the Jordan Valley.

In the ruins of the church there is an altar where He prayed. To sit and touch the place where Jesus prayed was really something.

Very close by is the Jesus cave where He meditated for 40 days. Inside was a small area made of stone where He prayed. It was constructed in such a way that it faced Jerusalem. Kneeling in the exact same spot where Jesus prayed for 40 days was almost a supernatural experience.

This is supposed to be in the Bible and I’ll certainly try to find it when I get back home.

byzantine church Jordan

The altar in the Byzantine church where Jesus prayed.


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  1. Hadija March 8, 2017 at 3:42 am #

    Looks and sounds so beautiful from your description, and the ancient history experience magical. Glad you have sunshine again!

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