Hiking the Jordan Trail: Arrival

I made it to Amman. Guess where the first place I headed to was? After I got my fill of shisha I headed over to the mobile phone shop. Unfortunately my cell phone will not work on the Jordanian Network so I have to have the phone unlocked. I’ll give them the phone tonight and they’ll give it back to me tomorrow. Hopefully everything will work then.

On my way!

On my way!


smoking shisha

The first thing I did in Amman was find a shisha shop. I used to love going to them when we lived in Egypt ages ago.


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  1. Hadija March 5, 2017 at 12:05 pm #

    Just catching up with you. Great, you’re really on the way! Expect you’ll be enjoying many more shishas. The first thing I hanker after is the cardamon coffee.

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