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Today’s guest post comes from Justin Harmon, who runs the blog Unplugged Recreated. He decided to break out of the matrix and learn a new way to live in the world. It is logical, it makes sense, it’s scientific, it’s spiritual, and it is fun.

I’ve done a lot of things in my life I’m not proud of.

I’m sure most of us have. It’s just lately, I’ve been thinking about it quite a bit.

JustinI look back on my past and go through the memories and experiences of my life. Times of joy, sadness, love and loss, and people who have come and gone, even those that remain. Some near, some far. Some close, some only holding as a distant memory of a moment in time, our paths crossed.

I’ve been thinking of the life I’m leading now, the life I am fighting for, and the life I want to leave behind when I’m gone. All I’ve ever wanted was to follow my dreams and believe it was possible for me to achieve them. Lately, I’ve just lost touch with that.

I haven’t been able to write.

The sometimes harsh realities of my current life rise up, testing my strength and perseverance in everything I know and stand for. I become unable to portray my thoughts onto the keyboard with as much ease as I once could.

My mind is numb.

The push for a lifestyle that is not yet my own has stretched my capacity for thought to the brink of oblivion. The current circumstances of my life remind me of the chains I am bound by. The longing for change has stalled me from movement and the despair from inertia has pushed me further into the darkness.

I can’t breathe. 

sleepingIt’s hard to take the pressure off of my spirit, when the constant worry, stress, and suffering is at the helm and I am but a mere spectator of a life unraveling before my very eyes. My ship is sinking and I can do nothing but watch as it drags me under.

I’ve lost the will to go on, yet I continue to persist in my efforts. I discover what little strength and endurance I have left and lean on it with all the effort that remains. My confidence is dwindling but my desire still remains. I take one last breath as my life force is thrust out of me. With one fell swoop all hope is gone….

Thinking there is nothing left, I bide my time in this state of chaos and confusion. I can’t think, but I can feel. What I feel is something more powerful than I have ever felt before.

I am Awake

Suddenly everything changed. Everything that was weighing on me has been lifted and does not hold me down any longer. I have reached the deepest of depths and now understand.

I’ve lost the ability to see the shackles which held me down. I can now move. The constant worry and stress of being in this prison is going away.

Something changed. I found something within, which I couldn’t see until now.

I found ME. The real me. The me who isn’t me at all, but a combination of who I am, my environment, the people around me, etc.

I found the ability to dream again. I saw the world in a different way. I began to move again. I started to take action. This time it was different though.

duskThis time, I wasn’t doing it for me. This time, I was doing it for everyone. I found a connection to a higher consciousness within. I felt the energy flowing through me and it gave me the confidence back to write again. To believe again. To feel with confidence that my dreams were actually possible.

I had a newfound sense for contribution and doing something that matters in the world. I started thinking about what I could do to help others who were in the situation I had been in.

I just knew that if I kept moving forward, kept pushing, kept following my passions, kept connecting and building relationships with people, kept persevering, I would make it. I just knew it, I felt it.

Dream Design Creation

All I had to do was keep moving forward. Here are some of the things I have done since starting Unplugged Recreated one year ago this month with a plan to create my own dream design;

  • Connected with a ton of like-minded inspirational people who I now call friends
  • Helped people with their personal struggles with reaching for something greater
  • Been an example for my daughter who needs to know what it means to follow your dreams
  • Become a much more health-minded person, started eating a little better, and exercising regularly
  • Became an advocate for inspiration and world change
  • Found strength, courage, and confidence in myself to change for the better
  • Spread my message through my love of writing to whoever will hear it
  • Wrote articles for sites like Lifehack, The Change Blog, and Write to Done
  • Started a book project and have many well-known bloggers contributing
  • Struggled every day to write, but wrote every day
  • Started treating my blog as a way to achieving my dreams
  • Faced, conquered, and defeated by my fears, I continue to persevere.
  • Discovered it’s far too easy to get sucked into the unlimited information available to us online
  • Learned how to stop learning and start creating
  • Started offering coaching services for people who want to follow their dreams
  • Became more humble, patient, and less rushed

Shane Gorski via CompfightAnd on and on and on it goes, until my dreams of changing my life and the world come true. Which means, I will follow those dreams and continue to progress, move forward, and take action–indefinitely. One of the most important things I have learned while trying to create my own dream design, is to stay on the path no matter what.

This journey is constant up and down slope of success and failure. When you’re up, things are going well and looking good. When you’re down, you’re in a struggle for answers. Answers for why you’ve been put through so much suffering. Answers for why you just can’t seem to get it together. Answers to the problems in your life.

The road can get bumpy and you might even take a dead end turn from time to time, but as long as you continue to persist and move forward, you will find your way and the answers you’re looking for.

I will keep pursuing my dreams. Will you?

Justin Harmon runs the blog Unplugged Recreated, where he writes about seeking personal freedom, fulfillment, dreams, and world change. You can also find Justin on Twitter


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