Making the decision to live a life less ordinary

You’ve probably heard this before, but while the trip itself is fascinating, it’s also the decision to do the trip that blows a lot of people’s minds, or creates the feeling of “Wow, I wish I could do that — make that decision.”

We’re all so tied to the pillars of our everyday life — mortgage, school calendars, adult/child activities, and building our savings accounts — that we have trouble imagining even the possibility of untethering ourselves from the routine and preparing for a Great Adventure.

making a decisionMaking the decision to take our extended family journey was, perhaps, the most difficult part of your entire journey! There were a million reasons not to go – finances, time, and fear, to name just a few. But there were also a multitude of reasons to take off and live the trip of our dreams.

It’s all about weighing all the options and figuring out which option has the most benefits right now. Know that things might change in the future, and that’s okay. For now, think about today.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you’ve got your life planned out. You’ll stay in this job until you’re thirty, then change to something else. You’ll have kids when you’re 28. When you envision your life, it’s easy to think you can plan it all.

But really – can you? Can you truly plan out what’s going to happen tomorrow? Can you look ahead and know that you or a loved one won’t get some debilitating disease? Will your job work out just as you planned? Can you know?

And so I say, consider today. You have today. That’s all you really know. When you wake up in the morning, look ahead to the next 24 hours and say, “What I do with this day is what I choose to do.” If you aren’t happy with your choice, then it’s time to change it.


Below you’ll find an entire library of articles I’ve written over an extended period of time about that very issue – addressing a wide variety of concerns that I (and others) had.

Family Travel: A Life Changing Event
I remember wandering the streets of Mexico City as a sixteen-year-old kid, and I remember my wide-eyed amazement at the very fact that there was a wide world out there – a world very different from my own in Boise, Idaho.

How to Make the Decision
There is no right or wrong way to make the decision to travel as a family. And there is no one approach to reach that final commitment. What we all have in common, however, is that we put our dream as a high priority and made it happen.

Time with the Kids
Children grow all too quickly, as every parent knows, and there is no way we can stop it – even though we all want to somehow put the stopper on that growth cycle. We can only take advantage of the narrow window of opportunity we’re given.

Take Time Now, Before it’s Too Late
“Take advantage of every moment you can find with your boys,” a friend told me shortly after her son committed suicide. “You just never know – tomorrow may never come.”

Life doesn’t come with a money-back guarantee
Of course I’m scared! I’m terrified each and every day that something will happen to me, John, or one of the kids. But is it worth being paralyzed into inaction?

Why We Travel
We were living the American Dream – and doesn’t everyone want the American Dream?

On the Edge
I feel like I’m standing on the edge of a precipice – about to throw myself off into the depths. No safety net, no harness and rope, no nothing. Just jump – and hope like hell the man upstairs reaches out His hand and holds us up.

Why Travel With Kids is an Enriching Experience
A collection of entries from many travelers on why they think travel is good for kids.

One moment in time
What was your moment – THE MOMENT? That is the question. What was the moment when you knew you wanted more out of life? When it suddenly became clear and you knew, deep down in your heart, that you weren’t cut out for the normal drill.

Can we all really follow our dreams?
Is it really possible for us all to pursue our passions and follow our dreams? Who will stay behind and do the work that needs to be done?

How to dream the impossible dream and reach the unreachable star
Dreams. We’ve all got ‘em. Most of us even have BIG dreams. Trouble is, we tend to shove them way back into the deepest recesses of our brain because they’re safe there. Is that what dreams are for? For keeping safe? Or are they for living?

Daily life for a biking family
In the midst of the chaos, there is routine – perhaps even more of a routine than we had back home. Our lives have been reduced to simplest terms and there is a very comfortable, predictable nature hidden in there.

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About Nancy Sathre-Vogel

After 21 years as a classroom teacher, Nancy Sathre-Vogel finally woke up and realized that life was too short to spend it all with other people's kids. She and her husband quit their jobs and, together with their twin sons, climbed aboard bicycles to see the world. They enjoyed four years cycling as a family - three of them riding from Alaska to Argentina and one exploring the USA and Mexico. Now they are back in Idaho, putting down roots, enjoying life at home, and living a different type of adventure. It's a fairly sure bet that you'll find her either writing on her computer or creating fantastical pieces with the beads she's collected all over the world.

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