2 Wheels Always Beat 4 When You’re Sightseeing in Chicago

Chicago has been voted one of the most bikeable cities in America, and for several good reasons!  Many of the top attractions and Chicago hotels  are located along the lakefront and downtown area, and almost every street makes it easy for bikers of all ages to ride safely. Biking in Chicago is for everyone.

The Chicago Lakefront is dedicated solely to bikers and pedestrians, and many of the other streets that run around the area allow on-street riding or provide plenty of room in the bike lane. Many of the best things to do in Chicago are easily accessible by the bike paths, so it’s easy and extremely enjoyable to rent a bike and enjoy a beautiful day sightseeing in the city!


Biking on the Lakefront

Chicago’s Lakefront extends for 18 miles. The beaches are one of the most popular destinations in the city for travelers and locals to hang out, and there’s a great trail that runs along the Lakefront perfect for bikers, runners, rollerbladers and people who want to sit on the benches that line the trail and enjoy the moment.

As you bike along the trail, on one side you’ll see the water and the other side of the path is lined with parks, gardens and restaurants. Some of the most popular attractions along this trail include Lincoln Park, the Navy Pier, Soldier Field (home or the Chicago Bears) and the Museum of Science and Industry. You can easily rent a bike at one end and enjoy the ride heading one way, then turn around and on the way back head inside some of Chicago’s top attractions. This is one of the best modes of transportation in the city for travelers!


Biking to Wrigley Field

When the weather is nice, one of the best bikes is up to Wrigleyville. There are streets with bike paths all the way up to Wrigley Field from the Chicago Loop and Downtown area, and if you start on the Lakefront trail you’re in for an even more enjoyable ride up. It’s easy to get up to the stadium safely whether you’re biking by yourself or in a group that includes young kids.

Rent a bike in the morning and take your time heading up to Wrigley Field with your family, (be sure to stop along the way at the Lincoln Park Zoo!) then catch a Cubs game that afternoon. Treat your kids to their first baseball game and a hot dog at one of the most historic baseball parks in America! Even if it isn’t baseball season, you can head up to Wrigley Field and explore the stadium on a tour.

Biking Tours in Chicago

There are so many ways to tour Chicago, but biking tours are among the most popular. Of course many people love the sightseeing tours, the food tours and the architecture and history lessons, and bike tours combine all of these things in such an entertaining way. As you bike along the lakefront and through some of the top neighborhoods in Chicago, you’ll also stop in for some food and drinks at restaurants along the way.

When the weather is nice, there’s really no better way to get out and see the city because you’re not cooped up on a bus, and don’t get nearly as tired as you would walking from place to place. This is the perfect amount of exercise for a family on vacation! You have the opportunity to hop on a tandem bike or take your little kids who are too young to ride alone with some other bike add-ons.

There are many great things to see and do in Chicago, but not all of the attractions are located right on top of each other, so walking can be out of the question. When you only have a few days to see it all, you don’t want to waste any time (or extra money) waiting in a taxi in traffic. Renting a bike is the easiest way to get everywhere you need to go on vacation! Work off all those deep-dish pizzas and Chicago-style hot dogs the fun way, while you’re sightseeing in Chicago with your family!

This article was written by  Lizz Riggs, editor of ChicagoTraveler.com.

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