3 Great family friendly cruises to consider for your next holiday

Today’s guest post about family friendly cruises is from Emma Jane. I had no idea there were so many family-friendly activities onboard those ships! You learn something new every day.

Choosing a cruise as a family holiday is an increasingly popular trend around the world. There are a number of features and services that make some cruise lines more kid orientated than others though, so it pays to do your research. Here are three of the best family friendly cruise lines to consider when booking your next holiday.


disney_cruiseThere’s no doubt that the Disney Cruise Line is one of the best in the business when it comes to catering for families of all ages and interests. The accommodation is tailored for the needs of active families, with their specialised Deluxe Family Staterooms. The inside cabins feature Magical Portholes, which are ingeniously shaped flat screen TV’s showing real-time views of outside the ship. Your kids favourite cartoon characters will occasionally pop up on the screen, making the indoor cabin just as entertaining as their outdoor counterparts.

Those with little ones will appreciate the children’s specialty menus and the ability to pre-order all of your baby and toddler supplies for delivery to your stateroom. These include an extensive range of brand name products, from baby food and diapers to infant formula and specialty travel items.

In terms of entertainment, Disney has excelled in their unique offerings for all ages. For the kids aged 3-10, there’s cartoon character shaped pools and the spectacular Oceaneer’s Lab. This includes themed rooms with toys galore in each one. The 11-17 year olds have admission to karaoke lounges and computer access throughout the cruise. The programs that Disney provide for family members of all ages are exceptional, and are definitely worth a look on the lines website.


Carnival Cruise Lines have a fun and family friendly atmosphere throughout their fleet. Definitely a hit with the older kids and teenagers, Carnival offers an impressive on board water park filled with whirlpools and a large outdoor swimming area. A giant 22-foot screen is popular with the whole family for watching movies.

There’s still plenty for the younger ones too, with Carnival offering an extensive entertainment program. Kids can play, sing, draw and participate in group games such as scavenger hunts and talent shows.

If you’re looking to spend some quiet one-on-one time with your partner, make sure you check out the professional child-minding service available on board.

Royal Caribbean

cruise shipWith stunning liners such as the Liberty of the Seas and the magnificent Oasis of the Seas, Royal Caribbean has plenty to offer both children and adults alike. Take a swing at the miniature golf course, skate through the rollerblading area, challenge yourselves in the rock climbing gym, glide through the spacious ice-skating rinks then explore the activity and craft halls.

Pools designed just for the little ones are joined by zip-lines and steaming hot tubs for the adults to relax in at the end of a big day. On top of all these facilities, there are great entertainment programs designed to keep the kids on the go throughout the day. Groups are divided by age to allow the best possible opportunity for socialisation. Children from 3-5 are classed as Aquanauts, 6-8 are the fun-seeking Explorers while 9-11 are the Voyagers. Older kids get to attend parties, karaoke contests and a range of specially tailored activities.

All of the featured cruise lines are designed to provide the very best in facilities and entertainment for the whole family. Taking a cruise together will be the experience of a lifetime, and a choosing a quality cruise liner is the key to creating the best memories possible.

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