8 Steps to live your dream

Today’s guest post come from Slavko Desik, who blogs at Lifestyle Updated.

steps to live your dreamHaving the ability, or dare I say freedom, to fully enjoy our life based on the link between what we dream for and what we do is, I believe, the ultimate currency.

More often than not this is just a mere wish, probably due to society norms and dogmas, as well as skepticism being constantly thrown at us. So all of the sudden, whenever someone starts talking about living their dream we immediately know how to categorize that as flowery prose – nothing worth giving a second thought. It is like we were programed, bit by bit, to settle for less and become slightly skeptical ourselves.

But it doesn’t have to be so.

We can tailor our life any way we want and minimize the discrepancy between our dream and reality.

Here are some basic steps to live your dream:

1) Know what you want

In order to incorporate our dream into our life, we need to feel confident about knowing what we want.

Our dream is constantly evolving based on myriad of circumstances but having a firm basis is the start towards realizing it in any form. Only by knowing the direction can we make progress and eventually get there.

2)  Believe in the dream

just believe in your dreamsIt takes two to tango, they say. Not only do we need to know what we want, we also have to believe in our dream in order for it to become reality. To have a firm grasp on it regardless of the skeptics, regardless of the current circumstances suggesting otherwise.

This is easier said than done, but the more you are investing in your dream, the stronger your resolve gets.

3)  Stop living someone else’s life

Get rid of dogmas. Stop living your parents’ lives, your neighbors’. You see, we are more often than not dependent upon societal judgments. We have been conditioned to react to them even at a young age, at school, or within the family itself.

Hence, evolving through life we still sense the need to satisfy someone else’s opinion of us. You know what? Forget about it. Plain and simple. Nine out of ten times your dream will not correspond with other people’s ideas about how to live life, so there is not a lot of sense in trying to please them.

4) Find your tribe

find your tribeWe become the people we are surrounding ourselves with, learning from, observing. If you want to live a certain type of lifestyle, start showing more interest in the people who are already there. Something in the line of role models, if you will.

What happens is that you start thinking more like them, adopting similar points of view towards certain subjects. You will start believing that your dream can be real the same way theirs is.

This is a jewel all by itself. Once our mindset is changed many obstacles simply stop existing.

5)  Give it your all

Dedicate yourself entirely and without compromise. The power that dedication alone holds is something fascinating. Adopting rituals to get you closer to your dream and your preferred lifestyle, and doing them day in and day out translates into success.

Anthony Robins once said that we can judge people’s habits based upon what they show outwards. You start evaluating someone else’s live, and you will be able to guess nearly all of his habits, rituals, what level of dedication is present, or lack of it thereof.

We see someone looking great, we are safe to say that he practices some form of working out as well as having a healthy diet. Same applies here. If you want to get to your dream and desired lifestyle, try figuring what types of rituals you will need. Then just dedicate yourself mercilessly.

You will soon become fluent in whatever that is that you do.

6)  Mind the destination, but also enjoy the ride

Working towards realizing your dream gets ten times easier if you are enjoying every bit of progress. Have the final destination in mind, but never let yourself become frustrated because of the fact that the journey is rather slow.

This way you will become even better at what you do in order to get there, as well as develop an even more sincere interest and passion towards your dream in the first place.

7)  It’s all about the journey

Think of your desired lifestyle not in the lines of a final destination, but rather as a state of being – one which starts by thinking about it, and lacks a rather unilateral picture and line of progress. That way you will never get discouraged to pursue your dream, but rather enjoy every moment of it and all the preparation too. In other words, start living your dream even now.

8)  Now’s the time

Now's the timeNever procrastinate on the basis of not being ready. If you don’t start now, you will never be ready for it. Your dream does not require previous preparations, just start. Adjust your mindset. Do something, anything. Start today. That way you will take advantage of your enthusiasm and motivation, and it will encourage you even more and put you into a never ending circle of motivation.

Your dream starts now; you just have to decide to live it.

Slavko Desik is editor at Lifestyle Updated where he tries to use the concept of personal growth in pursuing the lifestyle that we dream of.


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