Threats to the Rainforest

The rainforest is home to an incredible variety of birds and animals.

One of the most important ecosystems in the world is the rainforest. Just the Amazon alone produces 20% of the oxygen in this world. It is also home to millions of animals. That includes mammals, reptiles, fish, birds, insects, and arachnids. Some of the trees also help make medicines. To ruin all this people are destroying it. This is how.


People log for many reasons. One of them is for houses. Another is for furniture. There other reasons too. But the result is the same. No matter what they cut down trees for the result is always the same: trees getting cut down. To help what you can do is always be sure to buy farm grown wood.


One other thing people do to destroy the rainforests is building farms. Rainforest soil is very good for growing (it’s pretty obvious because of all the growth there). So lots of farmers want to build their farms there. The problem is that when the farmers have farmed enough the soil is no good anymore. So they go off and find more area in the forest.


People mine to get the much stuff in the forest, such as aluminum, gold, oil, etc. If native people happen to be in the dig site then the miners kick them off of their territory. They also make the water bad so any one who drinks it will become sick.


A different thing that people do is make dams. The dams hurt the land by flooding the trees. Eventually the trees will die. They also flood the native people from their homes. To top it off they prevent the fish and other animals from passing. The animals that eat those fish can starve.

I hope you learned the rainforests are a very important part of the world that is being destroyed. I hope they can be saved before it’s too late.


The vegetation in the rainforest is very dense.

holding a monkey

Many people capture monkeys to keep as pets. Some centers are trying to rehabituate them to life in the wild.

flower of the rainforest

Although you will mostly see green in the rainforest, there are some bright bursts of color.

home in the rainforest

People who live in the rainforest are learning to rely on tourism for their income rather than destroying their home.


by Daryl E. Vogel

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