Nazca Lines of Peru

Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines are mysterious lines etched into the desert. You can only see them from above.

The Nazca Lines are a series of lines etched into the desert floor in southern Peru that make designs only seen from above. Although the lines are only an average of five centimeters deep and twenty centimeters wide, they have remained virtually untouched for thousands of years. The ancients put a thin layer of lime on them which has helped to prevent erosion, but it is still a mystery how they have withstood the ravages of time.

There is a lot of debate about how natives, who presumably had no form of flight, could have built the Nazca Lines and why they would have. The first idea came from Erich Von Daniken, the man who discovered them; he thought they were a type of runway for spaceships. That was proved wrong by Maria Reiche who found out the ground was soft and the spaceships would have gotten stuck.

Later a type of fabric woven more tightly than parachute fabric was found in some tombs in the area. That inspired some people to make a hot air balloon out of only plants that are available in the area. The balloon took them up to 180 meters before it got caught in massive winds. The wind forced the balloon down and the people jumped off just before the wind took it to 350 meters. That proved the Nazca people could have used some type of hot air balloon.

The problem with the hot air balloon idea, however, was that there are a lot of winds in the area surrounding the Nazca Lines. A balloon sent from the University of Minnesota was destroyed by the winds. The Incans probably would have found those same problems. That suggested the Nazca people probably didn’t use balloons.

There are plenty of other theories as to the reason for the Nazca Lines as well. Some feel the ancients worshiped animals like the dog, monkey, spider, and other animals so they drew lines for the gods to see.

Some people believe the lines are a map to a treasure. Some believe it is an important message for future people. There is also the popular theory that aliens made them, although why they would make them is unknown.

In the area surrounding Nazca, there are many other mysteries as well. In the town of Ica, just to the north of Nazca, one can see coneheads skulls in the regional museum and mysterious carved stones in the private museum of Dr. Cabrera.

The Nazca Lines are in southern Peru.
You can climb up the observation to see two of the figures.
You can see this tree from the observation tower.
Most of the figures you can only see from an airplane.
The figures are spread out over an enormous area.
From the air, you can see the observation tower and the two figures you see from there.
The ancients carved both intricate designs and bold lines in the desert. Why?.
Most of the figures are on the desert floor, but the astronaut is on a hillside.
Many people feel the trapezoids were some sort of landing strip for alien spacecraft.
The monkey is different from the others – not nearly as precise and with more curving lines.
The Condor.
The Hummingbird.



Daryl’s theory of the Nazca Lines and surrounding mysteries

There are many mysteries in the entire Nazca area. Who were the people there?

There are many Nazca Lines theories and many stories about the mysteries of this area, but my theory is this:

A long time ago in 2012 B.C. (we got the Mayan calendar wrong) an alien race landed in this area. I don’t know why – it could have been a crash or a scouting mission. They had cone heads and, of course, were extremely smart. That explains why these feats of extreme knowledge were accomplished in one era and why there are coneheads.

They did stuff for the local people like healing and teaching agriculture and other stuff. They also drew on rocks what they did and gave them to the people. This explains the rocks with pictures on them.

The reason they did it on rock and not in a book or anything was because that was too advanced for the humans. In return the local people shaped their heads with banding to resemble the coneheads and sacrificed people to the aliens. They also made pictures on rocks for them to take back.

The aliens kept coming for thousands of years. Eventually at 200 B.C. to 600 A.D. an alien visitor decided to do something big, something that only an advanced flying civilization would be able to see – he made the Nazca Lines. There was only one problem. A plague swept across the area and killed all of the aliens. There weren’t that many of them so they couldn’t find a cure in time. That is why there is evidence of sickness in many ancient bones from southern Peru.

After that the aliens decided it was too dangerous to come here and left forever. Before the aliens died, the stones were complete and the humans didn’t know what to do with them so they put them where they kept the alien’s rocks. That explains why there was a cave with many thousands of carved stones in it.

In the regional museum of Ica you can see conehead skulls. Were they just banded to deform like that or were they aliens?
There are also thousands of mysteriously carved stones showing advanced medical and technological knowledge.

The stones range in size from very small to huge boulders. They are all two-layer stones with intricate carvings on them. Visiting Dr. Cabrera’s Stone Museum in Ica really makes you think about all the mysteries from southern Peru.

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