Egyptian adventures with the family

As the one-time center of the ancient world, Egypt is a place of wonder for most adults, let alone children. Family travel in Egypt to see this land of catacombs and pyramids, gods and Pharaohs is both an education and an adventure they will remember for a lifetime.

Egyptian pyramids with kidsMost people head to the capital Cairo first, for some orientation as well as to explore the bustle of its streets, the richness of its museums and the thrill of its nearby ancient sites. Cairo itself is home to popular attraction Dr Ragab’s Pharaonic Village, an open-air museum on a network of canals, through which you can cruise on a barge while scenes of ancient Egyptian life are acted out along the banks. For those with children a little too young for the impressive Museum of Antiquities, this will undoubtedly spark their interest.

No visit would be complete without venturing to the pyramids and Sphinx at Giza, located in Cairo’s southern suburbs. Though children will not necessarily grasp the significance of the Great Pyramid of Khufu’s 139m height or the fact that it’s more than 4,000 years old, looking up at the baffling size and construction in the flesh is incomparable. You could increase the sense of adventure by grabbing a camel or horse ride around the Giza plateau.

Fellucca ride on the Nile with kidsIf you’re planning to travel during your visit, consider a felucca (a traditional boat) ride along the Nile to explore the southern territories like Aswan. Nearby water holes offer a more unusual swimming trip for the kids and the temples at Abu Simbel are worth a day’s jaunt. From here it’s possible to journey north to Luxor, the gateway to the Valley of the Kings, traveling at least part of the way by donkey if you wish. The tombs of Pharaohs like Rameses VI with its pillared burial chambers, or the famous wall-art next to Tutankhamun’s sarcophagus will bring their homework to life on a completely different level.

Older children might fancy a camping trip under the stars in the western Sahara or you could take the family to the Red Sea coast for some snorkeling among the dazzling reefs. Egypt’s coastal resorts like Hurghada are packed with entertainment opportunities, from submarine rides to inland quad-biking, so there’s little danger of boredom. The possibilities in this unique country are without end, with enough variety to please everyone in the family from the history buff to the water fiend.

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