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davy and ethiopian girl

If only world leaders could learn from the wisdom of children

In the midst of this GWR madhouse, I’m continually being brought back to the reason for our journey. We didn’t ride our bikes from Alaska to Argentina to break a world record. We didn’t sweat, shiver, grunt and push our way through the Americas for a piece of paper to hang on the wall. I’m […]

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How the world record attempt changed our journey

Dear Guinness World Records, I think that because we followed all the requirements you gave us to the letter you should formally acknowledge us as the youngest people to have cycled the Pan-American Highway. Then you can do whatever you want with the record. While the record was a secondary thing all along we still […]

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Davy’s take on the Guinness World Record denial

Dear Guinness World Records, I think it was very unfair that you denied us the world record. You knew that we were on our trip from Alaska to Argentina, but you didn’t bother to tell us you changed your policy until Mom sent in the documentation. We went through a lot of trouble to get […]

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What you can do to help us reverse our Guinness World Record denial

I talked with the boys a lot and they both want to challenge this. Davy because he wants the certificate and Daryl on moral grounds because he feels they were just wrong in denying it after they followed all the guidelines. So – we’re doing it. I will be very, very careful to shield them […]

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Guinness World Record DENIED

We just got word from Guinness World Records that our claim has been denied. Here’s their reason: Thank you for sending us the details of your recent record attempt for ‘Youngest Person to pedal the length of the Americas’. We are afraid to say that we are unable to accept this as a Guinness World […]

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bogota tweet

How Twitter saved my bacon

You’ve heard of the “Six Degrees of Separation” thing. But have you put it to the test? This is the story of the night I tested the theory. Granted, when you’re in Bogota with your children and have no place to stay probably isn’t the best time to test a theory, but sometimes… well, sometimes […]

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map Boise area

Choosing a route for a bike tour

How do I choose a route for my upcoming bike tour? What are the best maps for bike touring? How do I know where to go? Cyclists new to bike touring often wonder about how they’ll find their way around, and especially how to figure out where to go in the first place. Really, it’s […]

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Living the Dream: Only for the wealthy?

I just posted an article over on the Washington Time Communities about what it takes to live your dream. Do you really need to win the lottery or receive a large inheritance to manage it? Anyway – it’s a great article. Please check it out and leave comments!

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48 tips for bike touring with children

    Never doubt your child Never, ever doubt your child Remember that kids are capable of lots more than you think Make distances kid-friendly Keep kids in the loop Eat frequently Make sure bike and clothes fit properly Keep snacks in cut-off water bottle on handlebar Make list of daily chores Have kids help […]

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Learning from the world

How do I document high school for homeschoolers?

*BINGO* I got it! Today – after agonizing over this for ages – I finally figured out this homeschool stuff. YAY for me! All along I figured I had a whole year to figure out what we were going to do for high school for the boys – they are just entering into Grade 8 […]

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Our new (old) house

Embarking on a brand new adventure

I feel like I’m lost – I’m standing there looking at the pile of rubbish scattered around my feet and I have absolutely no idea what to do with it. This home improvement learning curve is steep. Now I know what others feel like when they are just starting out on a bike tour. We […]

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Kluane Lake

My 7 links: Posts I think deserve to see the light of day again

I’ve been having so much fun reading through various bloggers’ 7 Links posts, I’ve had a hard time staying focused to find my own. What’s this about, you ask? It’s about digging back through your blog and finding seven buried posts that deserve to see the light of day again. So – without further ado, […]

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Nancy in Times Square

When the unreasonable makes sense

If I’ve learned anything from pedaling thousands of miles around the globe, it’s that sometimes the unreasonable actually makes sense. A few years ago if you had asked me if it made sense to fly back to the USA in order to pick up a bicycle wheel, my response would have been along the lines […]

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A world cycling dad

What does a world cycling dad look like?

Here’s what other traveling parents look like! Edventure Project Drew Gilbert Almost Fearless Travels with a Nine-Year-Old Our travel lifestyle Wandermom Snaps and Blabs Livin on the Road Raising Miro on the road of life  

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pursue  your passion

Why do some people live their dreams and others don’t?

In the end, the answer comes down to priorities. We will make time and money for the things that are highest on our priority list.How does one go about making the decision to drop out of everything that’s expected to go ride bicycles around the world? How is it possible for two middle-aged school teachers […]

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a long twisty windy road to nowhere

Define your destination so you know when you get there

Depending on what you want, it may be just fine to allow the wind to blow you where it will. If you want something specific, however, you need to define your destination and know what it will look like when you get there. When my family set off from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska on our bikes, […]

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