Rafting and Zipline with Argentina Rafting (Daryl)

Today was an eventful day. The hotel we are staying at had breakfast so we started with that. It was pretty good for a hotel breakfast in this area. It had bread, hot chocolate, juice, toast, and corn flakes.

Pueblo del Rio

Then some people from Argentina Rafting took us to go rafting and on a zip line. We got there and got ready for rafting.  We all needed wetsuits, booties, life vest, and helmet. When we had everything ready we got in a bus and drove to the spot we would start rafting.

REady for rafting

Ready for rafting

We went through all the commands and started on the river. Davy and I got to sit in the front. There were occasional blasts from the river but not as much as I expected. After a while we got to get in the river. It was frigid. I managed to stay in the water much longer than Davy. After a while we got back in the boat and some time after that the rafting trip ended.

RAfting the Mendoza River

RAfting the Mendoza River

RAfting the Mendoza River

RAfting the Mendoza River

Then we had lunch. It was pretty good but the meat had so much fat in it. When we were almost done with our meal a huge gust of wind came through and blew the umbrella over which knocked some dishes on the ground.  It was a mess, but the dogs ate it.

A while after we were done eating we went on some zip lines. We started with a short hike then we got to the first zip line. It wasn’t very long. The one after that however was fairly long. The next two were also fairly long. Then we had a really long one where we went over the whole river. When we were done with that there was another short hike and then we went on the last zip line and we were done.

Hiking to the zipline

the Andes

Clipping in for zipline


Daryl on zipline

DAvy on zipline

John on zipline

Nancy on zipline

John crossing Mendoza River on zipline

DAryl upside down on zipline

Last zipline station for Argentina Rafting

It was a great day and I had a lot of fun.


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