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Home for the night

Daryl’s Journal New Year’s Eve

Today was a fairly short, really hot day. We had spent the night camped in some people’s yard.  We got up and left.  For a while it was cool, then it got hotter and hotter. Eventually, it was blazing. We stopped and got under the road in a drainage pit for a long time. We […]

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Davy’s Journal New Year’s Eve

Today was very hard and hot.  We got up early and left while it was still cool.  It stayed cool for a long time.  We went down a LOT. When we got done with the downhill it was still cool, but not for very long. We stopped about four or five times during the whole […]

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Dreaming of the Finish Line (Las Lajas, Argentina)

Today was one of those days when I put my legs on autopilot and allowed my brain to soar away to wherever it wanted to go.  It flew to the day we reach Ushuaia sometime in mid-March. As our destination draws nearer – only about 2700 km away now – it’s natural  that our thoughts […]

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Busted Kindle (Chorriaca, Argentina)

Disaster struck today.  True heartwrenching, catastrophic disaster.  Davy’s Kindle broke. We have no idea what happened.  He used it during every single break of the day and it worked fine, but once he crawled into the tent in the evening the whole screen was filled with random lines. No Kindle = big problem We’re not […]

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Easy Peasy (Chos Malal, Argentina)

31 kilometers of flat pampas and downhill.  What more needs to be said?? Kilometers today:  31 Kilometers to date:  24935

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wide open spaces

Pleasant Surprises (28K from Chos Malal, Argentina)

I love surprises.  Especially pleasant ones like today. People have been telling me about this stretch of road for ages. “It’s 80 kilometers of climbing!” “The whole thing is twitsty and windy and steep, steep, steep!” “This will be the toughest section of your whole trip!” To put it mildly – they had me freaked […]

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Sometimes I feel like a slug.  Today was one of those days. We got up fairly early and packed the bikes – all pretty normal stuff.  We took off and pedaled 35 km to the next town, with full intentions of moving on – we’re still 90 km from the next town and had hoped […]

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Merry Christmas (Davy’s Journal, December 25, 2010)

Yesterday was one of those days that just never ended. We thought it was going to be 15 km to the first town; it ended up being 35.  Then we thought it was going to be all downhill for 14 km to the town after that and it ended up being 28 km and half […]

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Yet Another Rubberband Day (Barrancas, Argentina)

This was yet another of those rubberband days – those days that stretch on and on and I think they’ll never reach the end.  Days when I’m stretched to my limit, and then stretched some more.  Days that I’ve grown to dread. Morning:  Our day began much like any other – trying to get the […]

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Daryl’s Journal December 24

Today started with us pushing our bikes up a sandy hill. It was pretty hard. Then we started riding. The road was dirt and really hard to ride on. Mommy had to walk her bike most of the time and I helped her push. Most of the day for me was just helping Mommy push […]

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Cycling the dirt road

Walking Mudcakes (on the Rio Grande, Argentina)

a.m.  It’s early morning and the daylight is just beginning to shine on the many small rivulets of water across the valley.  A few clouds hang above us like purple cotton candy in an otherwise white sky of early dawn.  And the wind is howling. Last night we camped in a small grove of trees […]

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Riding a dirt segment

Tabano Dance (Bardas Blancas, Argentina)

I hate tabanos.  I mean, I hate tabanos.  It’s not a mere dislike of those critters; it’s an all-out odious hate.  But they sure love me. Many years ago when I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Honduras, I went to a remote village in the Moskitia to give a workshop.  We arrived late […]

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How can travel help kids learn?

Maybe it’s because we’re both teachers or maybe it’s a question that all parents of traveling families get, but we get asked a lot about our son’s education.  Aren’t they in school?  How do they learn? In return, I tell people that Davy and Daryl have learned more in these years on the road than […]

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Cycing with the Andes

WHEE!! (Malargue, Argentina)

We’ve learned our lesson – take advantage of the wind while you can. Yesterday we ended up with an awesome tailwind for most of the day – we rode like the wind!  We pedaled hard.  Our breaks were short.  We pushed on, determined to take advantage of every moment of tailwind we could get. 15K […]

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Argentina pampas

Flipping of the Map (Sosneado, Argentina)

We should have held a little ceremony today.  We could have lit a few ceremonial candles, played some kind of official sounding music…  We should have said some wise or witty words befitting of the situation while I slowly, ever so dramatically flipped the map to the other side.  We should have, but we didn’t […]

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Canyon de Atuel, Argentina

The Amazing Disappearing River (Nihuil, Argentina)

Today was bizarre – the river kept appearing and disappearing. Yesterday we left the reservoir and headed back into the desert. Today, we curved around and came back to the river with lots and lots of turquoise water rushing and gushing through the canyon.  It was beautiful. A kilometer or two later, it disappeared and […]

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