How long?!

a.m. “About how long do people with pneumonia typically have to stay in the hospital?” I asked the nurse as she hooked more antibiotics up to my IV.

“The treatment generally lasts seven to fourteen days,” she told me.

“But how much of that is in hospital and how much once they get back home?”  Obviously, I was hoping her response would be along of the lines of “a day or two”.

“They typically stay in the hospital for the seven to fourteen days,” she replied.


The doctor commented last night about how bad my lungs were – very seriously infected.  I am only hoping that won’t mean a two week stay here in the hospital.  I think I’ll go crazy.

Mid-morning:  Davy cracks me up.  He charged into my room a few minutes ago with Kindle in hand.  “Hi Mom!  I snuck out with this.  Dad and Daryl don’t know I have my Kindle.”

I started talking with him, asking about their hospedaje, about laundry facilities, and other mundane stuff.  “I want to read,” he said.

“Are Daryl and Dad coming over?”

“I don’t know.  I know Daryl is doing his math and Dad is working on the pictures.  I don’t know if they’ll come over later.”

“Have you already finished your math?” I asked.

“No,” he said sheepishly.  “I wanted to read, so I snuck out with my Kindle.”  He plopped himself down in the chair in my room and immediately engrossed himself in the latest adventures of The Ranger’s Apprentice.

I guess there are worse vices kids could have.  And his math will get done eventually…

I am stunned at the sheer quantity of antibiotics they are pumping into my veins.  I’m not exactly sure what all these drugs are, but I’ve taken more drugs in the past 40 hours than in the past two years combined.  There are at least three different antibiotics, an expectorant, an anti-viral, and I’m not sure what else.  I have no idea how long it’ll take my system to recuperate just from all these drugs.  But then – I would rather have the drugs than the pneumonia, so I’m not arguing.

I talked with the doctor this morning and he told me I would most likely be in the hospital for a full seven days.  Today is only day two.  Ugh.  And then he felt I would need another week or more to recover before I could travel.  Double ugh.

Here we are in one of the nicest villages in all of Argentina – tourists come by the droves.  And all I want to do is leave.  Given the circumstances, I don’t think that’s too unreasonable.

Evening:  I finally got a regular room out of the ER.  It’s a nicer room – much bigger with a table and such.  However, the kids are not allowed back here to visit.  I managed to convince the guard to let them come back to the visiting area for a few minutes, but we’re going to have search the hospital to find a place to hang out.  (edited to add:  apparently, the age for kids to enter is 13 – so we told them the boys are 13.  They can now come and go as they please – YAY!)

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