Local Schools (Sacaba, Bolivia)

“Whaddaya think, Nancy?  Should we call it a day?”

We had planned to make it to the top of the climb today so we’d be poised for the massive drop down to the Amazon basin tomorrow.  But dang – it was a tough climb and we were all tuckered out.

So when we pulled into a small town with a school, we figured we would ask – or I should say, Michael decided to ask.  After our experiences with Bolivian schools so far, we would have passed on by.

As it happened, the guard was more than willing to open the assembly room for us – a large room more than capable of accommodating the eight of us.  We’ve got a roof over our heads, chairs to sit on, a table to use, and we even have access to a warm shower!  Never thought I’s get a shower tonight at all, and to have a nice warm one was heaven!

The boys are taking advantage of the basketball court, and we’re all enjoying a relaxing afternoon in the school.  Maybe we should continue to ask in schools after all.

Edited to add:  Holy smokes!  What a change from our previous school experiences! When we first arrived here we asked the señora if there was a restaurant in town.  She told us there wasn’t.

We figured we would be fine with the BP & J, nuts, and raisins we carried in our panniers.  We certainly wouldn’t starve.

And then the señora walked in with an enormous bowl of food – fried chicken, sliced tomatoes, rice, and potatoes.  I mean an enormous bowl – enough for an army of cyclists.

“Times like these make such great memories,” Sammy said.  He’s right.

Kilometers today:  32
Kilometers to date:  21276

Heading out of our hotel.  We will ride with the Verhage family to Santa Cruz – two cycling families traveling together!
Setting out with the Verhages

Our first stop of the day was the house where Mariela is staying to say goodbye.

Saying goodbye to Mariela

Our bikes took up half a block parked end to end!!

lots of bikes

Santa Cruz is only 455 km away!

Cycling Bolivia

Cycling Bolivia

Taking a break.  There are Evo campaign signs EVERYWHERE!

Cycling Bolivia

Michael and Ciska

Cycling Bolivia

Lil Huggies, Daryl’s blue stuffed monkey, is the only toy that has come all the way from Alaska with us. He rides in Daryl’s handlebar bag and watches the world by.

Lil Huggies

Our home for the night – the meeting room at a local school.

Cycling Bolivia

Even after a tough climb up the mountains, the kids had energy for a rousing game of soccer with local kids.

Cycling Bolivia

We were stunned when the woman from the school walked in with a huge bowl of food for us!  What a treat!

Cycling Bolivia


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