Escaped the Black Hole (El Alto, Bolivia)

We’ve done it – we escaped from the black hole that sucked us in.  We’re on the road again – and like is an adventure once more.

John and the boys hopped on their bikes early this morning to climb back out of the canyon La Paz is situated in.  I stayed behind with the gear until Cristian arrived with his van to take me up to meet them.

Cristian took us all the way to the edge of El Alto where we’re poised to head out into the wilds of the altiplano tomorrow morning.  We looked around at various hotels, then chose the one that was – by far – the best of the bunch before unloading our piles of gear from the van and hauling it  up to our fourth floor room.

About ¾ of our gear was upstairs – along with Daryl – when the owner blocked our way.

“We don’t have any rooms available,” he said.

John and I stood there with our arms full of panniers and thought, “What the heck?”

“There aren’t any rooms,” the owner repeated.

“But… but… but…” I stammered.  “We’ve already got most of our gear up there – plus a kid!”

Apparently, the daughter wasn’t supposed to rent any rooms as the family was about to take off for the day.  Once the Dad arrived on the scene, he took over and told us we couldn’t stay.

In the end, we managed to convince him to let us stay, promising we wouldn’t trash his hotel in his absence.

Dang!  Now what are we gonna do if we can’t trash no hotel tonight?

Kilometers today:  25
Kilometers to date:  20807

Leaving La Paz
All Packed Up

The view of Mount Illimani from our hotel window

view of Illimani from our hotel window

Shortly after we got settled in our hotel room, we heard music from below – this parade was passing by!  I never was able to figure out what the parade was for, but I guess you don’t need a reason for a parade!

parade in El Alto, Bolivia

parade in El Alto, Bolivia

The spectators were just as colorful as the participants

parade in El Alto, Bolivia

parade in El Alto, Bolivia

parade in El Alto, Bolivia

parade in El Alto, Bolivia

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  1. Cristian August 14, 2010 at 11:41 am #

    wow, i am shocked! no room available… unbelievable!

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