Archive | August 15, 2010

Climbing the Andes

No Place to Sleep

I’m tired of this high-altitude climbing.  Climbing is tough enough at sea level – at 14- or 15-thousand feet, it’s insanity. We topped out at 4494 meters (14,744 feet) today – that’s high!  Apparently we have another pass tomorrow – no idea how high it’ll be. I have a distinct feeling that Bolivia is going to […]

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The Good and the Bad (by John)

The end of today brought us to a small village nestled in the Andes. We had just enough time to eat and stock up on food supplies before we set out to find a place to spend the night. The only hotel in town was closed and Nancy couldn’t get permission to camp at the […]

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Davy’s Journal August 15

Today we got up from our campsite in the middle of nowhere. Dad let me sleep in so he could put his COLD hands on my back. When I got out of the tent I helped Dad put the tent away. Then I brushed my teeth. We left and rode and rode. We only stopped […]

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Daryl’s Journal August 15

Today we woke up in our tents. Davy got to sleep in a lot. It wasn’t fair. Eventually we got going. It was very late when we started. I had to ride Davy’s bike. I got really tired. I also got hungry. Finally we made it to a town. The only thing there was to […]

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