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End of the Coast (Camanà, Peru)

We’re at the end of the road – the coastal road anyway.  We’ve battled headwinds for a couple thousand kilometers, but somehow managed make to to Camanà – where we will turn left and climb away from the ocean.  The Andes are calling. We will be sad to leave the gorgeous desert behind, but are […]

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Davy’s Journal – Battling Headwinds

The first part of riding today was hard. We had to go up very steep mountains with a fairly strong headwind, and when we finally made it to our first downhill the wind picked up and if I had stopped pedaling I think I would have gone back the way I had come. We made […]

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My wheel  -with three broken spokes at the time

Disaster (Narrowly) Averted (Ocoña, Peru)

Whew!  That was close.  Too close actually. This morning John climbed out of the tent and moved our bikes around so he could get to his.  “Nancy!” he called, “You’ve got three broken spokes!” Cripes. Three busted spokes while the bike sat overnight.  It wasn’t even moving!  Three more spoke nipples popped under no stress […]

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Throwing rocks off cliff

Busted Spokes (Not Quite Ocoña, Peru)

POP! There are few noises in the world uglier than the sound of breaking spokes. We spent the day inching our way up a narrow track carved into cliffsides overlooking waves crashing into the rocky shore, and then racing back down to the coast.  Over and over and over. It was a tough day – […]

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Stuck Again (Atico, Peru)

If it ain’t one thing, it’s another… When we left Nazca however-many-days ago, we decided to make one big push to Arequipa 650 km away.  Yes, we would take a few rest days in there, but mostly we planned to just go… …and then we arrived in Chala and John somehow pulled a muscle and […]

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welcome to costa rica

Dear Jack Marshall, are we self-absorbed parents?

Dear Mr. Jack Marshall, For a variety of reasons I’ve chosen to remain silent for a while about your scathing opinion piece about us. Now, I have decided to respond publicly to your preposterous allegations and accusations. You state that John and I are “self-absorbed parents who are unwilling to make the necessary lifestyle sacrifices […]

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camping in Peru

Waking up to Magic (Atico, Peru)

Last night when we collapsed into our tents utterly exhausted, we had no idea where we were.  This morning, we opened our tent and discovered we were in wonderland!  Truly it was fabulous. We spent a leisurely morning packing up slowly.  The boys played in the rocks.  We enjoyed our time in Wonderland, but finally […]

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Davy’s Journal May 27

Today we went 6 km into town. Do you know why it was only 6 km? Because we couldn’t make it before dark yesterday. 15 km ago somebody said that town was right around a small hill. Another guy said it was 10 km. Both of them were way off, but the first by much […]

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Throwing rocks over cliffs

A Gorgeous (Long) Day (6 km short of Atico, Peru)

I’ll let the photos tell today’s story! Kilometers today:  87 Kilometers to date:  19792 The boys entertained themselves by carrying huge rocks to the edge of the very high, very steep hill on the side of the road and throwing them over to watch them tumble down. And then they watched them bounce all the […]

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Ready to Move

It looks like John’s bum is going to cooperate – finally.  He still feels the muscle a bit, but feels he is sufficiently healed to move on.  So – tomorrow we’ll hit the road again! We aren’t sure what to expect in the next 200 km. We know it will be hilly, but the big […]

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Chala Market Peru

Chala Market

Seeing as how we’re stuck here in Chala, I decided to head out with the camera.  I have no idea how this bitty town supports such a vibrant market seeing as how there are no pueblos around here to serve, but somehow it does.

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Stuck (Chala, Peru)

I think it’s a good thing we didn’t leave today… Our initial thought was that we had a potentially tough 85 km coming up if the headwinds continue and it’s hilly like it has been.  We decided to take a day off so we go into it fresh. But this morning when I headed out […]

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Crank Award

Many thanks to all of you who nominated us for a Crank Award.  They have taken the top five blogs and put them up for the final vote – and we are in the running for the travel category.  Would you mind going over there one more time and voting for us?  It just takes […]

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life begins at end of comfort zone

Let Your Kids Dream

Kids are more capable than we give them credit for.  That’s the way it is. I am continually amazed at how little we, in today’s society , expect of our children.  It wasn’t all that long ago that children were expected to pull their weight around the family farm – and they were more than […]

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Sharing the road with goats

Flat and Straight? (Chala, Peru)

 …and they told us this was the flat, straight section of the journey… “It’s not bad until Atico,” the truckers told us.  “It’s pretty flat and straight for now, but once you hit Atico then the road will get very twisty and windy, up and down, and roundabout.” So what in the heck happened today?  […]

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Davy’s Journal: Having a way to get hurt and sick

Yesterday Dad hit me in the arm with a rock.  I was grabbing a rock to throw at a target when he accidently hit me. It hurt a lot. After Dad hit my arm, I fell into some broken glass (not from us – it was there before). I got about 5 cuts. Two of […]

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