Highs & Lows (Pisco, Peru)

They always say the highs of travel are really high.  And the lows are really low.  Today has been a bit of both.

We had hoped John and the boys would be able to volunteer with Pisco Sin Fronteras while they hang out here for the next couple weeks while I’m in the US, but they don’t allow kids – bummer!  It was looking like they would just be hanging out at the hotel.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing – there’s a small swimming pool, ping pong table, and cable TV.  The beach is a 10 minute walk away.  It wasn’t ideal, but it would work.

But then I got that niggling little idea in the back of my mind…  What if a local school allowed them to attend classes?  They could meet other kids…  Get out of the hotel during the day…  Learn more Spanish…  It was a long shot, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

So today the owner of our hotel took me to her kids’ school (they are very young, but it’s the same school) to talk with the director.  I explained our situation and how the boys would be stuck here for a couple of weeks and…

…she was thrilled!  It is an Air Force school so she had to clear it with the colonel, but the boys now have permission to go to a Peruvian school for the next few weeks.  I’m thrilled!

The boys aren’t particularly happy – they remember how hot it was in the classroom in their school in Honduras.  But this school is very nice and is right by the ocean with a nice, cool ocean breeze blowing through.  I think it’ll be perfect!

Then this afternoon I headed out for a walk.  I bought tangerines and avocados in the market and started back to our hotel – when some idiot kid came up from behind and grabbed my sunglasses right off my face!  Seriously – he just reached up and grabbed them, then started running away.

I started after him screaming, “LADRON!!  LADRON!!  THIEF!” at the top of my lungs.  People came to their doors to see what was happening – so the thief turned around and started running the other way.  I kept shouting and running after him.

It became pretty much apparent after a few minutes that there was no way he would get away with it – there were too many people around.  He threw my glasses on the ground and ran off.

I feel so badly for the other Pisco-ians.  They all felt so badly and apologized over and over again.  They want their city to be a nice place and it is hooligans like that kid who ruin it.

So anyway, that’s my day.  I’m thrilled the boys will be able to go to school for a while and pissed off at the idiot who ripped my glasses right off my face!

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