Archive | April 11, 2010

Passing through Lima (Lima, Peru)

Dear young men who so kindly serenaded us all night long with your bongo drums and raspy voices, We so very much appreciate your efforts – we really do.  We appreciate the fact that you were willing to sacrifice your sleep in order to keep up your post beneath our window until we were packing […]

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Daryl’s Journal April 11

Today we left for Lima. We got all the way to the south side. I was the only one that got a decent amount of sleep last night. All the others were kept up by some people that were shouting and apparently banging drums. If I was bigger and heard them I would’ve yelled at […]

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Davy’s Journal April 11

Today was hard, mostly because of some people who were playing music all night long. Most of us got very little sleep. Daryl was the only one who slept. Other than that, the day was ok. The traffic wasn’t too bad and it wasn’t too hot. We stopped at Pizza Hut and got a big pizza […]

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