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End of My Vacation

My vacation from my vacation is about over.  In a few hours, I’ll head out to the airport for the long, boring flight back to Peru – I can’t wait!  It’s funny how ten days ago I couldn’t wait to get here to New York City.  Now I can’t wait to get back.  I miss […]

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The boys

How Do We Pay for our Extended Family Trip?

It’s the financial aspect of a journey like ours that leaves most people scratching their heads in wonder – how can it be possible to pay for a multi-year family vacation?  Although I don’t claim to be an expert in planning long-term family trips, I guess I am somewhat of an expert seeing as how […]

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Anne cleaning her attic

My Summer Vacation

There’s not much worse than listening to someone drone on about their vacation.  “First I went here…  and then I went there…”  We sit there and feign excitement about their photos and ooh and aah appropriately, all the time wishing they would shut up and get on with it.  Tell me you haven’t been there… […]

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Back to School

 by Daryl   Today I went to school. I worked a lot on shading in most of the letters in my notebook, to pass the time. There were also numbers. Then there was recess. It wasn’t at all like recess in America. There was a bunch of soccer balls that people were using. Plus there […]

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Back to School

Back to School

by David    About 4 days ago Mom said that we were going to go to school.  We thought that it was a bad idea but it turned out not to be that bad after all. We still don’t want to go to school but we have to go because of Dad.  I made some […]

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Penn Station with designer luggage

New York!! (and the Nightly News!)

I made it!  My flight worked like clockwork and I made it to Mary’s house in Manhattan with no trouble at all.  It was soooo fun to see her again – the last time was when we arrived into New York in the pouring rain at the end of our first family adventure back in […]

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What to wear?

You know you’re pretty off the wall if your biggest worry is what to wear… For two years now, I’ve had two outfits.   I wear one until I can wash it, then I change into the other.  Simple.  Basic. No thinking involved.  Just pull out whatever happens to be clean and put it on. So […]

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Highs & Lows (Pisco, Peru)

They always say the highs of travel are really high.  And the lows are really low.  Today has been a bit of both. We had hoped John and the boys would be able to volunteer with Pisco Sin Fronteras while they hang out here for the next couple weeks while I’m in the US, but […]

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Home for a while (Pisco, Peru)

We’re home – for a few weeks anyway.  Today we arrived into Pisco, which will be home for John and the boys for the next couple weeks while I go to New York. I know, I know – I said that before.  But this time I’ve checked and confirmed that I really do have reservations and a ticket.  My […]

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Peru road

Invited In (Chincha, Peru)

WHEE!! We flew today – as though we had sprouted wings. The road was flat and in great condition; winds were minimal. We barreled along the road… …until we were flagged down by a group of men, that is.  As we whizzed along the road, Roberto stood up and shouted, “Want something to drink?” as he […]

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Our sand fort

Davy’s Journal April 13

Today was very boring. We rode through miles and miles of desert. Oh yeah, and I’m happy to say that our sand castle stood over night. It is a very good castle. It was our best. With a little village at one side of it. Well anyway we rode and we rode and we ate […]

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Coast of Peru

Daryl’s Journal April 13

Today we made a horrible mistake. When the road split into the old and the partial new we took the partial new. We asked one person if it was good and he said it was good to a certain town. Then we asked a different person and she said the same thing. So we kept […]

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Creative Billboards (Asia, Peru)

I dunno, maybe the desert is getting to me, but I was cracking up at the billboards today.  Davy and I pedaled side-by-side on the nice, wide shoulder and analyzed all the billboards.  I’m not sure how much one would get whizzing past in a car, but the slow pace of the bikes allowed us […]

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Passing through Lima (Lima, Peru)

Dear young men who so kindly serenaded us all night long with your bongo drums and raspy voices, We so very much appreciate your efforts – we really do.  We appreciate the fact that you were willing to sacrifice your sleep in order to keep up your post beneath our window until we were packing […]

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Daryl’s Journal April 11

Today we left for Lima. We got all the way to the south side. I was the only one that got a decent amount of sleep last night. All the others were kept up by some people that were shouting and apparently banging drums. If I was bigger and heard them I would’ve yelled at […]

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Davy’s Journal April 11

Today was hard, mostly because of some people who were playing music all night long. Most of us got very little sleep. Daryl was the only one who slept. Other than that, the day was ok. The traffic wasn’t too bad and it wasn’t too hot. We stopped at Pizza Hut and got a big pizza […]

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