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Honey seller in Piura Peru

A struggle for a market (Piura, Peru)

I could feel the tension in the air – I’ve never felt so much nervous tension anywhere. People crowded around me, each one trying to tell me his or her version of the story. The sad thing was that they were all the same. We had arrived into Piura by 9:30 in the morning and […]

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We’re here (Piura, Peru)

I seriously doubt I’ll have a chance to get a real blog entry written today and we may be leaving tomorrow, so I figured I better put something here to let you all know we are safe and sound.  The rioting here in Piura is over and I spent the whole day talking with the […]

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Riots break out in Piura, Peru

Riots break out in Piura, Peru

Rioting erupted in this small town in northern Peru on Wednesday after authorities ordered vendors to leave their shops in the local market. Tension has been rising since December, when the mayor of Piura announced all vendors must move to a new market constructed outside the town. The vendors say the new market doesn’t exist. […]

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