Too Bloody Hot (Machala, Ecuador)

I’m exhausted.  Bloody exhausted.  91 km in this heat is about 30 too many.  We simply can’t be on the road after about noon or one.  Note to self:  remember that.

We had an option today – there was a town with a hotel after about 50 km.  In retrospect, we should have stopped, but at the time we were all feeling good and wanted to get to Machala so we could take the day off tomorrow.  We pushed on.

By then it was afternoon and temps soared. By about 70 km, John was struggling.  By 85 he was hurting – the beginning stages of heat stroke.  We all downed enormous amounts of water and rehydration salts and pushed on.  Fortunately, we made it.

Seeing as how we are only 70 km from the border and have four days before our visas expire, we’ll stay here tomorrow.  I think we all need it – I sweated off all my sunscreen today so am fried like a lobster and my legs are cramping up like crazy.  A day off doing nothing sounds perfect!

Kilometers today:  91
Kilometers to date:  17,505

Giving away the Gameboy

Skye and Forrest, whom we stayed with in Albuquerque after the accident, gave D & D their Gameboys after they had gotten Nintendos. Now, D & D got a Nintendo from Grandma, so passed their Gameboys on to other kids.
Ecuadorian village
We passed through lots of small towns like this
Shoe Repairman
There was a bunch of these shoe repairmen right across the street from our hotel.
Ecuador coastlands
We passed by lots of cacao, banana, and sugar cane fields.
They look like hills to me!
We had been told repeatedly that it would be pancake flat all the way to the border, so these hills were a bit worrisome. As it turned out, there was a pathway right through the middle of them.

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