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coast of Peru

Too hot for ice cream (Mancora, Peru)

Warning:  Major rant alert.  If you don’t want to read a bunch of random ranting and raving, please click away now.  I am hot and tired and sweaty and grumpy and I might change my mind an hour from now – but this is how I feel right here at this moment. “I don’t sell […]

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Peruvian coast

Fun in the Waves (Zorritos, Peru)

This is a pleasant surprise.  We didn’t expect to play in the waves until tomorrow. If you knew my boys, you would know they love playing in waves.  Seriously – they lurve playing in waves – the bigger the better.  So when we rode through this little town of Zorritos with a gorgeous beach, we […]

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We’re alive and kicking!

I will most likely get blog entries up tomorrow, but in light of the earthquake and resulting tsunami I thought I should put something up here…  We are fine and didn’t even know about the earthquake in Chile.  We were riding when it hit, so wouldn’t have felt it even if it did shake this […]

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