Planning Mexico – John’s Journal January 10

“You haven’t asked for anything!”


That was GJ’s response after he and his friend, Claudio, kept offering, giving, and heaping commitments and gifts upon me, one after the other after the other.  I commented to them that I thought I was asking too much.  Their only response was that I hadn’t asked for anything and they were honored to help us get through Mexico safely while seeing the most spectacular scenery and experiencing the richest culture his country has to offer.


GJ organized a barbeque at his house the other day in honor of us.  Mounds of mouth-watering ribs, succulent chicken, zesty homemade dips, and sinfully rich deserts were served in his luxurious house.  This is where I experienced the true hospitality of the people of this community.


GJ is a well-connected person in both the US and Mexico and was genuinely concerned with our safety as we headed into Mexico.  That’s when he generously solicited the help of his good friend, Claudio.  GJ wanted to motorcycle in Mexico.  His friend Claudio had 30 motorcycle police meet him at the border to escort him 150 miles into Mexico to his destination.  I was humbled sitting down with a man of his stature.


Today we met with Claudio.  I was awestruck by this man.  He was the head of the motorcycle police brigade in Mexico and has connections that I couldn’t believe.  This guy personally escorted the Pope when he visited Mexico.  This is how he was honored to serve us:

  1. He gave us a cell phone.  He was going to go home tonight and program in all his many contacts into the phone so when we approach a town we can just press a button and get hold of a person that will escort us into town and/or find a place for us to stay for the night.  He also gave us an emergency button that we press and will have assistance within minutes.

  2. He will meet us at the US-Mexico border and get us through hassle free.  He’ll then escort us to a hotel he owns in Reynosa where we’ll spend the night.

  3. He will personally escort us on his motorcycle into Mexico to get us through the first 30 miles of the ‘dangerous’ border region of the country.

I feel a lot better about riding through Mexico now that I have this support.  I’m also confident the people we meet through Claudio will greatly enhance our experience in Mexico giving us deeper insights into its culture and history.

Planning Mexico with GJ and Claudio

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  1. Ellen January 11, 2009 at 7:27 am #

    How reassuring. When I showed my native Argentinian neighbor your “route” she had concerns about you travel in Mexico. Can’t wait until you finally cross the border. Good luck.

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