Archive | January 14, 2009

This man graciously allowed us to pitch our tent outside his home

Welcome to Mexico! (Highway 97, Tamaulipas, Mexico)

Wow! Seriously – nothing more needs be said.  Wow!  What a day! GJ had told me Claudio was amazing.  “Claudio is an incredible man,” GJ said.  “He pulled off our world record attempt in 2006 flawlessly – 2861 motorcycles crossed the border in one hour, 4600 altogether.  Claudio can make anything happen.” And GJ was […]

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Davy’s Journal January 14

Today we started riding.  We went to a plaza.  There many reporters waited for us.  After that we went to a school.  We got a certificate from the principal.  After that, we went to a museum.  After that we went to a buffet.  That was good.  Then we rode out of town with our police […]

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Daryl’s Journal January 14

Today Davy and I played skateboard pulling. That’s where one person lays down on a skateboard (or if you’re insane you can stand up) and another person pulls him/her along using a long thing (preferably something stiff so you can stop them).  It’s really fun.

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