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In the market

Honored Guests (Poza Rica, Veracruz, Mexico)

“We wish to welcome as our honored guests, the Vogel family from the United States,” the announcer announced. “Stand up!  Stand up!” our friends whispered as they motioned for us to rise and greet the crowd. The four of us stood before the circus crowd and smiled and waved until we could politely take our […]

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Oranges, oranges, and more oranges

Hospitality (Poza Rica, Veracruz, Mexico)

“Yo les invito a comer,” Hijinio invited. “Come on in and eat.” John, as usual, was riding ahead of me and Davy. While he waited for us to catch up, John started talking with the owner of a restaurant. As soon as we arrived, he invited us all for lunch Oh my! People have been […]

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The Orange Giant

Oranges (Alamo, Veracruz, Mexico)

Oranges.   Oranges, oranges, oranges.   We must be in the orange capital of the world – I’ve never seen such quantities of the fruit.   Every conceivable space is filled with orange trees, and we’ve been passed all day by enormous trucks chucky-jam-full of oranges.   Late in the afternoon we passed by a […]

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The ice cream man

Laid Up (Naranjos, Veracruz, Mexico)

It was bound to happen. We’ve been more than lucky to travel more than seven months with no sickness whatsoever.  No colds, no flus, no nothing.  We’ve all been healthy as oxen.  Until today.   Yesterday afternoon Davy was playing soccer with local kids when he ran over to us screaming in pain.  Tears streamed […]

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We had a whole caravan going - our three bikes and four more!

Fellow Travelers (Terrero, Vera Cruz, Mexico)

“There’re some bike tourists out there!” Daryl called as he raced into the restaurant where the rest of us sat finishing up our breakfast.  “Two of them – they just went past!”   I jumped up and ran out – calling for the cyclists to stop.  And then I recognized who they were – the […]

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The TV crew followed us over the bridge - holding back traffic

Greater of Two Evils (Horconcitos, Veracruz, Mexico)

“What can you tell me about the road along the lagoon?” I asked the TV camera crew who accompanied us this morning. “The what?” they asked. “Our map shows a secondary road right along the lagoon,” I explained.  “We’re thinking of taking that in order to escape some of this traffic.” “I’ve never heard of […]

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Davy’s Journal January 25 – Rough Road

Today we turned off the highway onto a side road.  If only we knew… It was good for a while but then it turned to dirt.  That’s OK, except for the deep sand.  There were some huge puddles that went across the road.  They weren’t bad but one time we had huge puddles lined up. […]

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Daryl’s Journal January 25

Today we got onto a dirt road.  It was really rough.  I think it was kind of fun.  Daddy and I fell over once and almost again.  It would have fallen over a second time but I pushed it up.  Once we had to push it through mud.  It was hard.

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The boys playing with some of their toys

Toys, Toys, and More Toys (Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico)

The boys crack me up.  They’ll go for months totally ignoring the toys they’re carrying around.  But then, for some reason I’ll never understand, all of a sudden they rediscover them and spend hours and hours playing.  They’ll dig down to the darkest recesses of our panniers and drag their long-forgotten toys out and play […]

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Mexico escort motorcycle

Newsletter – Cycling in northern Mexico

January 24, 2009 Finally – a new chapter in our journey! We crossed the border into Mexico ten days ago and started a whole new adventure cycling in Mexico. It’s been a lot of fun so far, and we’re looking forward to the rest of our time in Latin America. Since I last wrote, we’ve […]

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We rode behind this horse cart for a while - great protection from the traffic

Big City Traffic (Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico)

Man, oh man – what a difference an escort makes! We were pedaling into the city today, and the traffic was growing heavier and heavier. After so many days of cycling remote, rural roads with very little traffic, we were totally unaccustomed to all the cars zooming past us. It was unnerving to have cars […]

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Cycling Texas

Cycling Texas from John Vogel on Vimeo.”>

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Breakfast at a taco stand

Wayward Ticks (Cuauhtemoc, Tamaulipas, Mexico)

“Hey Nancy,” John said as we ate tacos at a tiny taco stand on the road. “What’s this in my armpit?” Ticks. Two of them. Embedded into his skin. Uh Oh. Yesterday afternoon we took a break in some deep grass and we saw lots of itty-bitty little ticks climbing around, but we had somehow […]

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The kids headed over to the fire to warm up on a chilly morning

Sopping Wet (Ejido Cinco de Febrero, Tamaulipas, Mexico)

It’s like the land can’t decide what it wants to be. In one patch it looks like the classical desert. But then I notice all the palm trees on the other side of the road. Are we still in the desert? Or not? What I do know is that it’s hot. Sweltering hot. Once the […]

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Daryl´s Journal January 21

Today I melted a piece of plastic three times over. It was neat. I tried to melt it a fourth time, but lost it in the fire. The people we were staying with had puppies. Three to be exact. They were adorable.

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Davy´s Journal January 21

This morning we woke up and saw a fire that the people we’re staying with had made. A while later, Daryl brought a palm tree leaf to go jets with. After that, I picked up the palm tree leaf and took out my Leatherman pocketknife and started whittling a sword. I worked on it all […]

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