Quiet Evenings (Ft. Hancock, Texas, USA)

So close…and yet so far away.  It was right there.  We could have actually spit into it – but Mexico will have to wait a few hundred miles.

It was strange cycling along the border knowing we weren’t crossing over today.  It was almost as though Mexico was teasing us – beckoning us – to come in.  We ignored the call, and continued on through Texas.

El Paso is HUGE!  We pedaled a full 45 km before finally getting out of the urban sprawl.  There were times when I felt like the city would never end and we were condemned to hundreds of miles of fighting traffic.

But in the end, it did end and we’re back in the delightful desert farmland.  Cotton…pecans…other mystery crops…   I love cycling through farm country!

Now we are camped in a dry river bed under a bright half-moon.  It’s peaceful and calm.  The kids spent the evening climbing the dirt river banks and sliding back down  but have finally tuckered out and settled down to read for a while.

Quiet evening like this are one of the most special things about our journey.  We’ve been outside and active all day.  Now it’s time to crawl into our tent and relax for a few hours before dozing off while listening to the coyotes sing in the distance.

Kilometers today:  77
Kilometers to date:  8431

Riding along the Texas/Mexico border

Downtown El Paso

El Paso

Davy jumps off the dirt riverbank next to our campsite

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