Archive | October 24, 2008

Awakening before dawn for a long ride

Unexpected Climb (Canyonlands National Park, Utah, USA)

75 degrees!  Did you hear that?  I said 75 degrees! We cycled in shorts and t-shirts all day – it was wonderful!  The forecast for Moab is temps in the 70’s all week – I think we’ll be in heaven. The bad news is that our 40-mile detour to Canyonlands is really a 75-mile detour. […]

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Daryl’s Journal October 24

Today when we stopped at a campground Mommy and Daddy told us to drink as much water as we could.  Davy and I got in a challenge to see who could drink more.  Finally we settled on a tie.  Then we climbed a hill.  Daddy said we couldn’t make it to the top without peeing.  […]

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Davy’s Journal October 24

Today we filled up on water.  Me and Daryl had a gulp contest.  We agreed to tie at sixty-five gulps.  Then Daryl went pee.  After that, Dad bet that we couldn’t make it eight miles to the top of the Colorado Plateau without peeing. At six miles I had to pee so bad that I […]

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