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Alaska Highway

Happy 4th of July! (Tok, Alaska)

“Hey, Davy!” I whispered in his ear early this morning. “We’ve got a treat for you.  A pancake breakfast!”   Davy woke up quickly.  “Where?”   After such a late night last night, we felt terribly guilty waking the kids up early this morning, but we hoped to get into Tok in time for the […]

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Daryl’s Journal July 4

Today some people gave us pancakes.  They were delicious!  We did another day with Mark.  It was fun riding with another cyclist.  We rode 47 miles to Tok.   At a campground they were giving away free salmon.  It was good.  They were also selling reindeer on a stick, nachos, and reindeer chili for ridiculous […]

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Davy’s Journal July 4

Mark stayed with us again and again I kept pace.  We had sourdough pancakes for breakfast – they were so good.  Mark dropped his map, so I picked it up for him, but when I gave it to him I swerved into dirt and rocks.  From there I skidded a little and then got out […]

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northern end of Alaska Highway

Davy Amazes Me (Dot Lake, Alaska)

  Gosh – what a difference a shower makes!  A warm shower at the end of a long day was the last thing I expected, but it sure was appreciated.   We battled a headwind from miles this morning, and were absolutely exhausted.  At some point, another cyclist, Mark, came by, so we sat in […]

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Daryl’s Journal July 3

Tomorrow I hope that we’re in Tok for the 4th of July celebration.  There will be lots of food.  Today we made it to Dot Lake.  It is 47 miles to Tok.  We met a cyclist named Mark.  He’s a nice guy.  There was a horrible headwind, but Mark shielded us occasionally.  That pretty much […]

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Alaska Range

A Nighttime Visitor (Delta Junction, Alaska)

CRASH!!  Rustle…  Rustle…  Rustle…   My eyes popped open and I tried to convince myself it was just a dream.  Surely there couldn’t be some kind of enormous animal a few feet from my head.   A second later John shot up.  “Nancy!”  he cried.  “There’s something out there!  Something big!”   Obviously it wasn’t […]

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Update from Delta Junction

Just a quick note to say we are here in Delta Junction.  We don’t have time to get all the journal entries up – that’ll have to wait a couple of days until we get to Tok. Today was absolutely spectacular!!  Clear blue skies all day and an incredible of the Alaska range and Mt […]

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John’s Journal July 2

We lucked out today.  As we rode the last miles of the Richardson Highway we were able to marvel at Mt. McKinley and the Alaskan Range.    “It’s shrouded in clouds six days of the week,” a local told us.  “You’ve lucky to be able to see the Alaska Range, especially Mt. McKinley, so clearly. […]

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Davy’s Journal July 2

We got up at 5:00 this morning.  We also went swimming for the second time.  The water was cold.  There was a raft in the water so we played on it.  We would push it in then push it back out.  We also jumped off of it.  When we had to leave we pushed it […]

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Daryl’s Journal July 2

Today we got up at 5:00 am!!  It was cold!    Today we went swimming in a lake.  Unlike this morning, it wasn’t cold.  We had lots of fun.  Before we got in, there was a wooden raft on the shore.  I went on it to make sure the end of it was deep enough […]

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Hanging out in tent

Still Here… (Between Fairbanks and Delta Junction, Alaska)

Still hare in the same ol’ camping spot in the middle of the old highway.  The pavement is finally releasing its hold and Mother Nature is taking ever after who-knows-how-long since this road was abandoned.  It’s kind of creepy walking along the road, covered with moss and with baby trees breaking through the pavement.  It […]

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John’s Journal July 1

This is crazy.  The consistent weather pattern I’ve seen is sunny skies in the morning, then sometime after noon the clouds come in and there are scattered showers.  So why is it that we sleep all morning and then start cycling?  We didn’t get started until after ten today.   “Nancy,” I said last night.  […]

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Davy’s Journal July 1

We didn’t go anywhere today.  Dad said that the morning is the best time to ride, but this morning it rained.  To quote him:  “Yes, tomorrow we will be on the road enjoying the early morning sunshine.”  Dad also said, “I ain’t gittin’ outta this tent unless I gotta eat, piss, or poo.”

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Daryl’s Journal July 1

“Yes – tomorrow we’ll be on the road enjoying the early morning sunshine.”  Remember that quote from Dad’s journal yesterday?    Well, sorry to spoil the drama, folks, but it didn’t happen.  Not only did we get up late, we never even rode at all!    “The consistent pattern I’ve seen,” Daddy wrote, “is sunshine […]

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Not Moving

After John’s diatribe last night, we’re still sitting here in our tent at noon.  So much for getting up early to take advantage of the beautiful morning sun…    It rained all last night, and was still raining on and off this morning.  We hung out waiting to see what would happen.  It’s now great […]

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