Archive | July 6, 2008

Waiting out the Rain

Interesting Rain Shelter (Northway Junction, Alaska)

Oh gads – how do I find the words for this one?   So – we found a great little spot in the forest for lunch (smoked salmon, swiss cheese, and tomato sandwiches on whole wheat bread – mmmmm, yum!).  Just as we were packing up we felt the first raindrop.   Working feverishly, John […]

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Daryl’s Journal July 6

Today we left Tok.  We made a big fight.  Daddy knocked out a deer fly.  We took a wing off him.  Then we put him on an anthill.  The deer fly was struggling, but the ants were crawling all over him.  He was slowly being pulled into the anthill.  After all his efforts, he was […]

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Davy’s Journal July 6

It was a wrestling math to the death as the ants tackled the deer fly.  The ants pushed and pulled the deer fly into the tunnel where they devoured him.  It was awesome.  We had hurt a deer fly and then put it on an ant hill.   We stopped for lunch and to oil […]

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