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Climbing up Steamboat Pass - no rain yet

Luck Running Out (Alaska Highway KP 500, British Columbia, Canada)

Well, it looks like our luck ran out.  Maybe. We had one last pass to cross today, and managed to make it all the way to the top before the rain came.  We barreled down off the pass in pouring, freezing cold rain – not pleasant at all. The good news is that the rain […]

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Daryl’s Journal July 31

Today we had to ride in the rain.  It’s a good thing the road went the way it did.  If it had gone to the right, we would have been soaked.  As were going down off the pass, Daddy said, “Get ready to be cold, wet, and miserable.”  I was a little wet, a little […]

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British Columbia

Another Fabulous Day (Tetsa River, British Columbia, Canada)

Yet another fabulous day in the northern Rockies of British Columbia… I feel like God is holding His hand over us, catching all the rain that should be pouring down.  There was pouring rain ahead of us and rain behind us, but the worst we got was a very, very light sprinkle – so light, […]

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Davy’s Journal July 30

We hit the road at 11:00!!  We saw lots of sheep and two caribou.  Me, Dad, and Daryl saw a mother, father, and a fawn moose.  Two of the stone sheep were way high up on a cliff.  We got to Summit Lake.

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Daryl’s Journal July 30

We didn’t get on the road ‘till 11:00.  We didn’t leave early because it was raining.  I really did enjoy the extra sleep though.  I slept way in.  It was awesome.  We saw two Stone sheep.  They were at the top of a huge cliff.  We saw a bunch of deer.  It was kind of […]

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Northern Rockies

I Wish He’d Learn (Alaska Highway KP 627, British Columbia, Canada)

You’d think he’d learn – God knows we’ve been through this enough times… Every couple of months John somehow gets into that “gotta-get-up-at-five-o’clock-in-the-morning” phase.  He wakes us all up bright and early, we cycle for a few hours, then the kids fall asleep and we sit and wait.  It makes no sense to me. So […]

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Davy’s Journal July 29

We went to a restaurant today.  I had a hamburger and fries.  I also had chocolate.  It had caramel in the  middle.  I took a looonnngggg nap.  We saw fresh bear tracks near where we’re going to camp.  I heated a metal bar in our third fire.

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Daryl’s Journal July 29

We went to a restaurant.  They were selling some neat tops.  You turn then and music goes off and lights flash.  Then you put a cranky thing in it, crank it around and push a button.  Then it falls and spins.  It looks really neat. We got food there.  I ordered a cheeseburger.  It was […]

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Quick Update from Toad River, British Columbia, Canada

We don’t have much time, but I wanted to post a quick update.  We are now in Toad River, about 120 miles from Fort Nelson – we expect to be there by Friday. This portion of the journey has been the most phenomenal ever.  We’ve seen lots and lots of buffalo, Stone sheep, and bears.  It […]

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buffalo on road sign

Bison, Stone Sheep, & Bears – Oh My! (Muncho Lake, British Columbia, Canada)

Today has to be the most unique day I’ve ever experienced. We had pedaled a mere ten km from the hot springs when we encountered a herd of bison – a huge herd of about fifty buffalo or so. They were lounging about on the side of the road, just waiting for us to take […]

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Daryl’s Journal July 28

We left the hot springs today.  They were really awesome.  Beta pool, the secret hiding place, the small stream, and the jousting log were my favorite parts.  It was nice, but I’m glad we left.  We need to make our miles.   We saw two herds of buffalo.  I think we spent way too much […]

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Davy’s Journal July 28

We saw a lot of wildlife today.  We saw two herds of buffalo, a bear, and three Stone sheep.    First we saw a herd of buffalo.  We took way too much time and photos there.   Then we saw the next herd.  The buffalo are big!  They are also hairy.   Then we took […]

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Liard Hot Springs

Heaven on Earth (Liard Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada)

I think I’ve decided I don’t want to go out and explore the world after all.  I’ve found heaven on earth right here.   We needed today – a whole day lounging in the hot springs and eating burgers in the café across the street while our belongings dried in the sunshine.   Life just […]

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Pedaling past a buffalo

The Best of Times… And the Worst (Liard Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada)

Ahhhhh… What decadence! What luxury! To soak in the lovely hot waters after cycling for 1 ½ months was a treat like no other. The four of us played and relaxed in the natural pools and allowed all the built-up stress to gently flow away. Hours later we made our way to Kelly and Terry’s […]

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Whirlpool Canyon

Whirlpool Canyon (on the Liard River, British Columbia, Canada)

This was an unexpected break… After a very long day yesterday, we headed out this morning exhausted, determined to pedal about thirty miles before stopping. 24 miles later we pulled into an abandoned campground next to some beautiful rapids – and just couldn’t drag ourselves away. It’s been a wonderful afternoon of hanging out in […]

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Davy’s Journal July 25

  I ate a horsefly.  It didn’t taste.  Mom said that she would give me ten cents not to eat it, but just watching her reaction was worth it.  She looked away and shouted, “Eeewwwwww!”  She was shivering all over.  That was priceless.

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