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The Countdown is On

Well, so much for our training ride on the tandem…  We had everything planned out so we could go for a ride to see how the tandem worked – but that obviously didn’t pan out.  In hindsight, I think it’s a good thing we didn’t go out – we had too much to do here […]

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Bent Rim

It’s Pretty, But….

John and I got up early and started putting the tandem together – and discovered a bent rim on the front wheel.  Must have gotten damaged in shipping…  *sigh* edited to add: Rodgriguez is shipping out a whole new wheel today – we should have it by Tuesday.

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The tandem made it!

It’s Here!!!

A great big box was sitting on the doorstep when I got home today!  Unfortunately, with the Bon Voyage party this evening, we haven’t even had a chance to unbox it. We’ve just peeked in and seen the pretty blue color – that’s about it so far!

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Going Through the Motions

I wish I had some flash of inspiration right now.  It would be nice to be able to sit here and write some brilliantly profound philosophical statements.  The reality, however, is that I’m fried.  Mentally fried. I feel like I’ve been going at a million miles an hour for the past month.  And now that […]

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One Step at a Time

Gosh – what’s to write about?  We’re simply buried under all the preparations and are slowly digging our way out. John’s got the barn nearly ready to go – three sides are painted and the fourth is just about ready to paint.  I’ve got most of the paint stripped off the stair railing.  I keep […]

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I’m in The Washington Times!

I’ll be writing for Donne Tempo while we’re on the road, and Donne Tempo is providing content for an online community for The Washington Times.  Right now I have two articles on the site: Nancy in Wonderland On the Road Again Check them out!

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Finding a Nail – the Hard Way

Daryl found it.  We’ve been trying really, really hard to hide them all – in fact, John has painstakingly put each and every one in a bucket to keep them hidden.  But one nail must have escaped the bucket – and Daryl found it.  With his foot. With all the construction going on around here, it’s […]

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Bon Voyage Party - Friday Eve

Bon Voyage Party – Friday Eve

For all those in the Boise area – You are invited Bon Voyage Party at our house Friday evening (May 30) We’ll plan on throwing some burgers on the grill and have chips and soda – please come!  Seeing as how our entire house is packed up, you’ll have to bring lawn chairs if you […]

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tent on restaurant porch

Meeting Our Basic Needs

The first two questions out of people’s mouths when they first hear of our journey are “Where do you sleep?” and “What do you  eat?”  So – I figure I’ll answer those questions here. Where do we sleep? In a dead gold miner’s house On the interstate corridor twenty feet from traffic whizzing past at […]

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Time is the currency of life

Sure it’s scary. Jumping headfirst into the unknown… But as Helen Keller said, “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing”. So, Blayne, Buffy, Taylor and Zach are jumping into the Rabbit Hole… With eyes and hearts wide open. Into the unknown. Welcoming the unexpected. Because Wonderland is not a “dream world”… It’s the actual […]

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Website Design

John’s Website Design Services

A number of people have asked John to set up websites for them, so he’s decided to go for it.  If you like the design of our website and would like a personalized copy of it to spotlight your family, adventures, business, or some other subject, John will set one up for you.  Read more […]

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Pilgrim’s Progress

I’m in awe. I thought we were planning a logistical nightmare, but what we’re doing is nothing compared to this family. This family of eleven – Mom, Dad, Grandpa, and 8 kids (yes, I did say eight kids!) will be traveling overland from Singpore to London.  I can’t even imagine.

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The Good News… and the Bad News

The good news is that John’s tandem is built and painted – yahoo!!!  Rodgriguez called today to say the bike is ready – almost.  It’s completely welded together and painted.  All they need to do is put all the  components on and they can ship it tomorrow.  YIPPEE!! But then came the bad news.  They […]

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At Some Point, Kids Have to Grow Up

You probably heard of Lenore Skenazy a long time ago, but I just read her story yesterday.  And I want to give her a standing ovation and shout, “Bravo!!” In case you haven’t heard, Lenore is a columnist for The New York Sun who sent her nine-year-old son on the subway – alone.  He had […]

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Host Your Own Blog?

John just wrote up another entry for his Technology for Travelers blog – with the advantages and disadvantages of hosting your own blog vs. using a free blogging site.

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cycling Pakistan karakoram highway

Never Hitch a Ride in a Tractor

Another tale from our journey around Pakistan so many years ago… ********* It sounded like a good idea at the time. Well no, I should say it sounded like a good idea to my traveling companion. To me it sounded like an awful idea. Biking 400 kilometers on a nasty dirt road over a 12,500 foot […]

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