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Life Lessons

I’ve been thinking about some of the things we’ve learned from living our dreams… Living Your Dream Isn’t a Bowl of Cherries:  Yes, I admit it.  I used to daydream about bicycling with our kids and, in my dreams, the kids were always happily pedaling while gazing at the stupendous scenery surrounding them.  We were a […]

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The Cyber Savvy Show – Wednesday Evening

Erika-Marie Geiss interviewed us this evening for The Cyber Savvy Show – John talked about what kinds of security precautions he will be taking for our computer while on the road. If you missed the live interview, you can listen to the podcast.

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Chatting with a Family on a Pan-American Bicycling Adventure

Courney Mroch also interviewed me for the parenting blog. When Nancy Sathre-Vogel left a comment on one of my articles in Pets, she had no idea how much she piqued my interest when she left a link to her website. But she did. It prompted a request not only to interview her about her […]

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Dash the Dog – Biking from Alaska to Argentina

Courtey Mroch, a blogger over on interviewed me about our journey.  I’ve copied the interview here. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love reader comments. Why? Because I get to meet the most interesting people doing some very neat things!Take Ron Smith of for instance. He left a comment […]

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Scammers and Passwords

We’re looking for advice.  We’ve been reading more and more about all the scams people use to get passwords.  This latest one about scammers hijacking your accounts and holding them hostage is downright scary!  We’ve got a plan in place with tiered passwords – low level for basic stuff up to very secretive and complex passwords […]

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Nothing is Easy These Days

John decided to write today… It was so easy to change a tire on the road.  I won’t say I liked it, but it was easy.  I knew precisely where the tire levers and patches were, and it was a simple matter of fetching the necessary tools from my pannier, taking the tire off the […]

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Panniers or Trailer?

As bicycle tourists, we need to carry everything on our bikes.  Everything.  If we have it with us, it has to be somehow strapped, lashed, and buckled onto our bicycles.  One of the most common questions potential cycle tourists ask is:  which is better – trailer or panniers?  My response is – it depends on your personal […]

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I’ve been busy writing – but not for my blog.  I was the guest blogger over at – check it out! 

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Life is Too Short to Waste

Life is too short to not take advantage of it.  I was reminded of that again today.   Today was a tough day at school – one of our former students was killed in a car crash yesterday.  One of my students – the boy’s sister’s best friend – was taking it very hard.  It’s […]

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Nancy’s REI Novara Randonee

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Travel Rants Video of the Week

Davy and Daryl’s video was chosen as the Travel Rants Video of the Week!!  Check it out here!

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The Stuff in the Middle

Over on Spy Notes, a friend was talking about some fantastically complicated sort of music she refers to as a “crab canon”. Now I’m about as un-musical as a person can get, but I loved the ending part of her spiel – “But something interesting happens when you flip the beginnings and endings against each […]

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Hanging Around

After so many frantic days spent getting ready for the yard sale, we were all exhausted.  I actually took a THREE-HOUR nap this afternoon!!!  (I will confess it felt heavenly!) We did manage to get a few small details done – John packed up all the yard sale leftovers and got them shipped out; I bought […]

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Yard Sale

A Successful Yard Sale

Wow!  I never knew we could make so much money from all our old junk.  Between our yard sale this weekend, and selling stuff on Craig’s List over the past couple months, we figure we’ve made over $2000!!  Not bad for a bunch of stuff we won’t be using any more anyway!!

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Our Two Minutes of Fame

Channel 2 News came out to interview us this afternoon.  We were right in the middle of our yard sale, and it was pretty funny juggling people wanting to buy our junk er..ahhh…I mean valuable stuff with the TV people.  Anyway – check out the interview here!

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Battling the Flu

I have no idea how I’m going to pedal 20,000 miles -I can’t even walk up one measly flight of stairs without gasping for air. This is crazy. I’ve succumbed to this flu that’s going around – big time. I spent four full days flat on my back in bed flat on my back before […]

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