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I was working in Taiwan and decided to spend my one-week 2004 spring break exploring an area I had never been to - the east coast of Taiwan. Since we lived on the south western tip of Taiwan in its second biggest city, Kaohsiung, that entailed riding north along the coast then heading inland and across the island. Kaohsiung has a population on 2.9 million people. Taiwan wasn't that wide; the widest part of the island couldn't be more than 75 miles, but there is a 10,000 foot mountain range that runs straight down the middle of Taiwan and I had to cross it. The weather didn't cooporate with me; it rained most of the way. Maybe that was a blessing since if it didn't it would have been stiffling hot and humid, not the ideal climate for climbing 10,000 vertical feet. The fog was very thick and we couldn't see (or be seen) very well. Fortunately the traffic was almost nil. I heard the weekend traffic was horrendous so I made sure I left on a Monday and completed the trip before Friday. This was the first bicycle trip I didn't take sleeping gear on. I made reservations in advance for the few hotels and hostels that existed along the route. My only disappointment was the fact that the clouds and fog prevented me from seeing the spectacular mountains in Yushan National Park.