family bicycle touring with children
Inspiring others one adventure at a time
The Vogel family rode their bicycles 17,285 miles from Alaska to Argentina

After making the decision to grab life by the horns and steer it their own way, the Vogel family spent nearly three years pedaling southward. Now, their goal is to inspire and encourage others to do the same.
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Motivational Speaking

Nancy will inspire your group to dream big and make it happen. She'll tell stories of her family's adventures and relate them to larger messages that will appeal to all.



"Nancy Sathre-Vogel went on an amazing trip with her family, but that is not what I took away from this book.
What I took away was how much people can do when they want to. It is a wonderful illustration of ordinary people deciding to live their dream and then following through.
In our society, where we have allowed ourselves to abandon our dreams because we fear anything beyond mediocrity it is great to read about a typical family living their dreams.
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